In addition to Bernard Silver, we would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions to flowerSoft through the past 30 years.
Their suggestions to new features and improvements have made flowerSoft one the most powerful florist software available.

With eternal gratitude we acknowledge:
(Listed alphabetically by last name)

John Baker – Grimsley Flowers – Clinton, IL

Cris Bandle – Owens Flowershop – Lawrence, KS

Lambros Barbagiannis – Allendale Florist – Allendale, NJ

Paul D’Elia – The Wall Street Florist – New York, NY

Terry Hagstrom – Carter’s Florist – St. Petersburg, FL

Richard Lindskoog – Lindskoog Florist – Minneapolis, MN

Tom Sakas – Gramercy Park Florist – Brooklyn, NY

These long-time flowerSoft users and contributors to flowerSoft have provided guidance and support through the years.

We thank you all for your past contributions and support.

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