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Tip #180

Tip #180
Printing Timed Deliveries

I got the following e-mail today…

“Hey G-Man,
I am trying to tell FS to find all the deliveries marked AM for 02 14 2014.
Can’t seem to get it right.  How bout a MAP.”

I figured maybe some others might be looking for the same thing.
Here is the map…
D > A > 6 or 7

Please note that the report only shows ‘timed” deliveries, meaning orders that have something entered in the delivery date field.  Specifically, the Print Today’s AM Deliveries will only select sales records of orders containing AM in the delivery time field.
AM, BEF. 10AM and even AFT. 10AM will be selected because they all contain AM in the delivery time field.

Likewise, the Today’s PM Deliveries report will select any orders containing PM in the delivery time field.

Also note that even though both menu selections read “Print Today’s…”, you can answer “N”o to the …timed03

and then select a range of dates.

Again, deliveries with an empty delivery time field will NOT be selected by either report.