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Tip #037 – Adding Records to the Hospital/Cemeteery/Funeral Database

Tip #037
 Adding Records to the Hospital, Cemetery & Funeral Database

Although most hospital, funeral homes and cemeteries in the United States should be in the database, sometimes you will find some that are not included or are listed under a different name than what you are used to see.

In those cases, you can add records too the database by going to the Manager’s Menu > User Definable Codes > Cemetery/Funeral Homes/Hospitals

You should then be presented with the following menu:

From this menu, either select to add a new record to the database or to edit an existing record to make it read more like what you are used to seeing.
If you select to add a record, the following screen will be displayed:

Please note that you have to press F9 to save the new entry.
Also notice that there is a “Quick Access Code” that you can define for the new entry.¬† This will allow you to enter the quick access code during order entry instead of searching for the hospital in the database.

Note that the quick access code has to be preceeded by a period (.) or you can also press the F9 key and flowerSoft will prompt you to enter the quick access code.
After you enter the quick access code and hit <Enter>, flowerSoft will display the information related to the quick access code.

For more information on Quick Access Codes, see tip # 039 or click here http://wp.me/p24nOe-4T