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flowerSoft2020_LOGINUse this page to ask whatever questions you may have concerning the flowerSoft program.

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    1. Because there was a bug in the program that copied in previous orders.
      This program was not looking to see if the invoice was a “long” invoice and was not copying the detail lines.
      It has not been fixed.


  1. flowerSoft has detected that the sales tax
    rate effective on 12/09/2011 is different
    than the tax rate found on this invoice.

    Tax Rate on 12/09/2011 was .08650 %
    Tax Rate on Inv.# 45340 is .08880 %

    Change Tax Rate to .08650 %?
    ─────────────────────────────────── (y/n)


  2. G, I’m using the floral app and I need to add a field to the order source and MOP. Where are these menus? I’ve found ad source, but no Order source or MOP. I think I’ve seen them in the past.


      1. The floral app is an app for your iphone or android phone. It’s sold by Beneva Florist in Florida. I would like the source to be A for app and MOP paypal,


    1. I see the changes, thanks. The app is $70 a month. Don’t know if it’s worth it. One order only, but I’m not marketing it enough. I’ll give it a year & a half and we’ll see.


  3. George,
    Can you post info on the specifics of the frequent buyer program? We are implementing a smartphone “punch card” program” want to make sure our phone customers aren’t left out. Is there a way to implement a 1 time discount or offer once a certain dollar amount of purchases are reached? In looking at the program, it seems customers are eligible for certain discounts on all purchases at certain YTD levels. Is that a one time discount on one order or all future orders?


    1. There are several customer loyalty programs flowerSoft supports.
      The most popular and most often used is the one that gives the customer a rebate after a certain number of purchases are made.
      The rebate can be a set amount, for example $50 or it can be the average of the product amount for the previous purchases.
      Let’s say you set the # of purchases at 10, when the customer places the 11th order flowerSoft will automatically warn you that the customer has a discount coming. You do have the option not to apply it to the current order because rebates are applied in full.
      For example, if the customer’s 11th order is for $30 and the rebate is for $40, it would not pay for the customer to apply the rebate on that order because they would lose $10.

      The rebate plan you are talking about is more complex and it is based on several discount tiers. A discount is provided only after the customer has purchased for at least 1 year.

      I will explain all the discount plans available on future posts.


    1. I can give you what I have but that goes back to Jan. of 2011.
      You should update your own tax tables.
      For Federal taxes, use the Employer’s Circular E.
      For State taxes you have to get the tax tables for your state.


        1. What do you mean by “they don’t match up”?
          You have to use the income bracket method.
          If the government has more or less brackets that what is shown, you have to adjust them to the current tax rates.
          flowerSoft allows you to enter up to 12 different tax brackets. I see that currently only 7 are used. As far as the fields, I don’t know what you are looking at but there is an “At Least” field, a “Less Than” field, a “Tax Amount” field, and a “Percent of Excess Over” field.
          What are the fields you are looking to enter?


  4. I am running the older DOS version and I am getting a License locked issue. my people x out instead of exiting. The program says it is releasing the license’s but it does not. can you tell me how to release the license’s



    1. If you are releasing all the licenses and the program still says that all the licenses are in use, that means that the licenses have been released too many times and that feature has been disabled by the database engine program, not flowerSoft.
      The only way to release the licenses at that point is by us connecting to your system through Logmein or TeamViewer and installing a new license manager.
      If you are a member in good standing of our support program, there is no charge for this service.
      If you are not, then there is a $250 charge to connect to your system and install the new license manager.
      You must give us access to your system through Logmein or Teamviewer.
      How old is your version of flowerSoft?


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