flowerSoft2020_LOGINAs of 08/06/2019 flowerSoft’s 2020 single or multi-user version will sell for exactly $995.00.

The only requirement to get this unbeatable price is that you clear your credit card sales through TSYS/Cayan.

The flowerSoft 2020 version will be installed remotely into your system once you sign up with Cayan to obtain your credit card approvals.

Support prices will remain the same.  No increases are planned for the foreseeable future.
Support will be provided remotely through TeamViewer.
TeamViewer for personal use is the free version of TeamViewer.

Cayan is a payment processor and credit card processor company that identified a way to streamline equipment purchases while providing reasonable rates to benefit small businesses. Founded in 1998, Cayan is credited with being the first to build its own mobile application to accept credit card transactions and certify what is known today as point-to-point encrypted card readers. Cayan is currently one of the most trusted payment processing and merchant account providers in the nation. Headquartered in Massachusetts, the company’s forward-looking statements reveal plans to accelerate growth through its acquisition by TSYS.

In addition to clearly stating its various fees, Cayan boasts a helpful and friendly customer service department whose phone lines are open 24/7. Those who would like to chat online with a customer service representative also have that option every day from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.

No Cancellation Fees

One of the concerns with most merchants/clients is the tendency for companies to “tie you in” with large cancellation fees and long contracts. Potential Cayan customers don’t have to worry about this; the company does not currently charge a cancellation fee or early termination fee for its payment technology and services.

Helpful Website

Cayan’s website rivals the largest merchant service companies in the industry simply because of its sheer depth of helpful content. The site has a blog, guides for new merchants, and even a glossary that includes information and definitions of more complex payment processing terms like interchange fees, integrated point-of-sale systems (IPOSs), and MerchantWare gateway.

Innovative Technology

Cayan credit card processing is well-known for its ability to adapt and innovate, meaning merchants who want to provide their customers with the ability to make credit card payments will be able to do exactly that; the company has led the industry in a number of transaction processing and payment gateway advancements and has created credit-card processing platforms to help cater its products to best suit a company’s needs. Cayan provides three different transaction platforms for business owners to choose from. While each one varies in terms of exactly what is offered and the associated costs, the unparalleled level of support and security from Cayan remains the same. The platforms are broken down as follows:

Genius: Fully integrated POS platform designed for a wide range of business types

  • Payment and transaction flexibility: Allows customers to pay with regular credit or debit cards, gift/loyalty cards, chip cards (EMV), or mobile applications (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.)
  • Customizable features: Allows customers to pay with regular credit or debit cards, loyalty/gift cards (American Express gift card, Vanilla Visa gift card, Roblox gift card, etc.), chip cards (EMV), or mobile applications (Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.)
  • On-screen marketing: Includes a dashboard/interface that provides advertising and loyalty program abilities
  • Robust security and EMV: Takes advantage of tokenization and encryption to protect customers’ financial information in an effort to reduce data breaches and fraud
  • Countertop enhancements: Cuts out multiple hardware components to offer an all-in-one solution (which could process credit card payments, mobile payments, etc.)
  • Business management: Includes services such as offline processing, remote updates, merchant warehouse and inventory tracking, and intelligent PIN steering technology to help businesses grow.

flowerSoft customer’s have been clearing their credit card sales through Cayan since January of 2013.  Over 6 1/2 years with hardly any problems at all.  This is a very good company with very fair prices.  We highly recommend them.