Making it Better

flowerSoft2020_LOGINUse this page to help us make flowerSoft even better by letting us know what new features you would like to see or what existing features we can improve on.

12 thoughts on “Making it Better

  1. A way to search within the previous recipients field would be nice. Some customers have so many past recipients that scrolling down is tedious. Alphabetical would work or chronological maybe?


    1. You you know any part of the recipient’s name, like the letter it starts with?
      If you do, then I can take you to the names staring with that letter.
      If not, it would have to be done on a chronological order.
      How does it display now?


  2. When we enter a recipient name, sometimes we have several addresses to choose from. Is there a way to include the date delivered in those rows? In some cases it’s obviously a work or home address, but sometimes the recip has moved and we keep asking if they are at an old address because we can’t tell which address was the last we delivered to.


    1. When you press F4 to look at the recipient history for a customer, the last delivery date is there but when you do a general search, it is not.
      Good suggestion. I’ll make the change.


  3. G, is there a way to email a specific person an invoice? right now, at the end of an order, the email automatically goes out to the default email. I have a few companies with a few different employees placing orders and when they ask for an emailed receipt, i have to ask them for their email every time. I know it is saved under their account, but I cannot choose which email to send to at the end of an order. is there a way to select an email and then send a delivery confirmation to the same email for that particular order?


    1. If flowerSoft is not showing you a list of email addresses, it is because you have one address marked as the default address and flowerSoft will send the order confirmation only to that address.
      Try getting rid of the default setting on that address. flowerSoft should then display all the addresses on file for the customer.


  4. also, when you a customer takes an order with them, and “TT” is entered in the recipient field, the invoice then shows up as a delivery in the route & receipt forms.


  5. Is there a way to print a list of which customers buy weekly and which customers buy monthly? We want to start a program offering employees of companies that buy weekly a discount (in store only) and a smaller discount for customers that buy once a month, Say for the last 3 or 6 months?


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