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flowerSoft Silver 2020 New and Improved Features – Post # 1

These are just some of the new and improved features that are included in the 2020 version of flowerSoft.
Features marked with a gold stat like this one smiling-gold-star-thumb, indicate that to our knowledge, no one else can offer them to you free of charge.

(Please note: This is is going to be a long continuing post, as there is no way I can document all the new and improved features flowerSoft 2020 will offer in one sitting!)

Post # 1


  • Suspend” Orderssmiling-gold-star-thumb
    Ability to “suspend” an order in the middle of taking it, if customer needs to get back to you with additional information.  Once the customer can provide that information, you can bring the order back to the point it was suspended and continue the order entry process without having to re-enter any information previously entered.  flowerSoft will now automatically inform you that you have “suspended” orders waiting to be completed.
  • Obituary Orderssmiling-gold-star-thumb
    Give you the ability to save the deceased’s name, visitation location and address,
    viewing dates and times, funeral date, funeral director, cemetery, delivery instructions and many other pieces of information about the deceased.
    The obits feature will also let you generate a “Thank You” list you can provide the funeral director with the name and addresses of those who purchased flowers from you for the funeral.
    You can also generate a “Thank You” letter you can send or give the the deceased’s family which will also show the name and addressed of those who sent flowers for the funeral.
  •  Customer Order Historysmiling-gold-star-thumb
    Display previous orders from a customer and allows you to duplicate the previous order into a new one if needed.  Except from some minor details, like the delivery date and possibly the card message, this feature saves you from having to type all the data required to complete a new order.
  • Customer Recipient Historysmiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft will display on demand either all the recipients of your customer’s floral gifts or up to the last 10 most recent recipients of your customer floral gifts.
    One displays all the different recipients your customer has sent a floral gift to and the other one the ten most recent recipients.
    One has no duplicate names and the other one may.
    This lists allow you to select the current order’s recipient name and address from the lists and save you from needing to type it into the computer.
    Of course, if the recipient is not on the lists, their name and address will be saved so that it will be available in the future.
  • Alpha-Numeric Account Numbers.  smiling-gold-star-thumb
    Although 95% of your customer account numbers are or will be based on their telephone number digits, as in 9177979144, flowerSoft also allows you to have account numbers that contain a combination of numbers and letters or just letters.
    For example, you can have the account number for a customer be something like GEORGES or GSIMON or GS2020.
    More important, if the customer calls and your clerk happens to ask them for their phone number, flowerSoft will still find the alpha-numeric account.
    For example, if the clerk types in 9177979144 into the account number field and flowerSoft does not find that account number in the database, it will search for the phone number entered in the database and display the correct account number if it is successful in finding a match.
  • “Restricted Use” Accounts.   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft will let your customer determine who can or cannot place orders charged to their account.
    If you or one of your clerks is taking an order from one of your customers with a “restricted use” account, flowerSoft will ask for the name of the person placing the order and check it against the customer’s list of names that are authorized to order in their behalf.
    In addition, since a name is pretty easy to be overheard, a password can also be added to each of the names that are authorized to order.  In such a case, flowerSoft will also ask for the password.  If the name and/or password do not match a name on the list, the clerk will not be able to keep entering the order in the computer.
  • Enclosure Card Codes.   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft allows you to define and unlimited number of enclosure card codes, such as HB for Happy Birthday or HA for Happy Anniversary or WDS for With Deepest Sympathy that not only save you from having to type them but also provide the correct “occasion” for the order.
    So HB will provide “Birthday” as the occasion for the order and WDS will provide “Sympathy” as the occasion.
    In addition, flowerSoft allows to have 3 different formats for your enclosure cards, as well as “long” and “short” cards.  “Long” cards can have up to 9 lines of formatted text.
    While short card are limited to 5 lines of text, they offer the ability to have up to 3 different cards in one order.
  • Enclosure Card Signatures.   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    If you are lucky enough to have a very good business account with a name like Deciphera Pharmaceuticals or Clarence M Kelly and Associates.
    If they place a lot of orders with you,  you will appreciate flowerSoft’s enclosure card signature feature.
    This feature allows to save one or more “default” signatures for your accounts.
    Let’s say for example that Deciphera Pharmaceuticals regularly sends floral gifts to employees celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.
    So today you get an order from Deciphera Pharmaceuticals and they want their enclosure card to to read:
    Happy Anniversary!
    Wishing you Jeff and your wife Cris a very happy anniversary.
    From all your bosses and fellow employees at
    Deciphera Pharmaceuticals
    If they do regularly, you will love the income it produces but you hate the though of you or one of your employees having to type “From all your bosses and fellow employees at Deciphera Pharmaceuticals” each time they place such an order without making a mistake or just because of the amount of time it takes.
    flowerSoft to the rescue!
    With the enclosure card signature feature, you can save up to 4 lines of text as a “default” signature for each customer you have.
    Not only that, but you can have as many “default” signatures for each customer as you feel is necessary.
    So if the customer’s card signatures differ for different occasions, you can have “default” signatures for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy or any other occasion you can think of.
    When you are entering an order from a customer that has a “default” signature on file, flowerSoft will alert you as soon as you enter the card message area.
    When it comes time to sign the card with the customer’s name, all you or your employee have to do is put an asterisk (*) at the location where you want the signature to begin or in the case of several “default” signatures for a customer, bring up a list of all the signatures and select the appropriate one.
    Nothing could be easier.  You will love this feature!
  • Delivery Dates by Day Name   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    Normally, flowerSoft defaults the delivery date to today’s date, placing it in the field as soon as you enter it.  However, many times the delivery date is not in the date the customer calls to place the order.
    flowerSoft gives you a couple of ways to alter the “default” date it has placed in the delivery date field.
    One is very simple, if the delivery date in the field is 09/13/2019 for example, you can add 1 day to it by hitting the plus (+) key on your keyboard.  You can keep doing this until you get to the correct date or, if you pass it, you can hit the minus (-) key to deduct a day from what is shown.
    However, many times the customer will say “I want the delivery next Wednesday” and now you are left guessing which date that is.
    flowerSoft does allow you to bring up a 3-month calendar by just hitting a key and they highlighting next Wednesday’s date and selecting it.  flowerSoft will fill the delivery date field with the correct date.  Yet, there is an easier way.
    Today is Friday.  If a customer asks for a delivery date of Wednesday, all you need to do is type “wed” in the field and flowersoft will bring up the correct date, 09/18/2019.  If they ask for a delivery date of a week from Wednesday, you type “nwed” and flowerSoft will supply 09/25/2019.
    You can preceed the 3-letter abbreviation of each day by up to 7 “n”‘s as in “nnnnnnnwed” to get a date of 11/06/2019.  Each “n” represents one week from the coming Wednesday or whatever day of the week is indicated by the 3-letter abbreviation.  Of course taking this that far is ridiculous, you are better off bring up the 3-month calendar but for one or two weeks, it is a time saver.
  • Delivery Time Slot   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    This is a new flowerSoft 2020 feature.
    Previous versions of flowerSoft used to provide you with a delivery time field where you could add a delivery time.  The delivery times used to be preceded by a “BEF.” or an “AFT.”, so you would have delivery times such as “BEF. 2PM” or “AFT. 4PM” which were very imprecise.  “BEF. 2PM” could be at 9 o’clock in the morning and “AFT. 4PM” cold be 7 o’clock at night.
    In the 2020 version, flowerSoft will use “Delivery Time Slots” instead of “Delivery Time”.  Delivery time slots will be defined by you the user, based on what works for your particular shop.
    Delivery time slots can range from a couple of hours to several hours.  You decide.
    There are 10 delivery slots available.  You do not have to use them all.
    flowerSoft needs to reserve  2 of the slots.  One, slot #0 when there is no delivery time specified and the order can be delivered any time it is convenient for you.
    The other one, slot #9 is reserved for pick ups and no delivery is required.
    In addition to more flexibility with your delivery times, delivery slots allow you to impose an additional “service” charge if the delivery requested by the customer warrants the extra charge.  For example, if the customer requires that the items be delivered between 9:00 am and 11:am and that creates an additional delivery expense for you, you can associate an additional “service” charge with that delivery slot and it will be automatically charged to the order.
    This is an additional service charge, so if you would normally have a standard service charge, this time slot charge would be added to it.
    This additional service charge can be removed by you or your employee if necessary.
    We want to thank Sam of San Rafael Florist for requesting this new feature.  It is a great idea.  Thank you, Sam.


Promote Yourself and Keep Customers

I know that every time I send flowers to someone, I always wonder what the arrengement looked like and if I got a good value for my money.
I am sure most of your customers feel the same way.

There is a flowerSoft user in St. Petersburg, Florida who has always been at the forefront of customer satisfaction as far as I am concerned.
Terry Hagstrom of Carter’s Florist and Gifts, always makes an extra effort to keep his customers happy and coming back for more.

On of the things Carter’s does that impresses me the most is take the time, even during busy holidays like this one, to keep their customers happy and coming back is send a delivery confirmation with a picture of the arrangement the customer paid for attached to the email.  I just can’t tell you how effective I think this is in keeping customers loyal.
The customer now knows exactly what his floral gift looked like without having to ask the recipient, plus he or she will be able to tell if the money spent was justified.

If you are proud of the work that comes out of your shop, as I’m sure all of you are, this is a great way to show your customers just how good you are.

It only takes a couple of minutes of your time to take the picture and save it to a computer.  flowerSoft will do the rest and there isn’t a better way, in my opinion, to keep customers happy and coming back.

Here is an example of a delivery confirmation email from Carter’s and a few of the pictures that are attached to the emails.






Several of the features flowerSoft offers today are a direct result of requests for new features made by him. Things like loyalty programs, web order transfers and delivery confirmations with picture attachments have come about as a direct result of his requests. So, if you ever use any of these features, send Terry a note and thank him for having such great features available to you because of his quest for complete customer satisfaction. Or better yet, if you have some orders going down his way you know that he’ll take great care of them.

  • St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Local: 727-327-5568
  • Toll Free: 800-327-5568