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Promote Yourself and Keep Customers

I know that every time I send flowers to someone, I always wonder what the arrengement looked like and if I got a good value for my money.
I am sure most of your customers feel the same way.

There is a flowerSoft user in St. Petersburg, Florida who has always been at the forefront of customer satisfaction as far as I am concerned.
Terry Hagstrom of Carter’s Florist and Gifts, always makes an extra effort to keep his customers happy and coming back for more.

On of the things Carter’s does that impresses me the most is take the time, even during busy holidays like this one, to keep their customers happy and coming back is send a delivery confirmation with a picture of the arrangement the customer paid for attached to the email.  I just can’t tell you how effective I think this is in keeping customers loyal.
The customer now knows exactly what his floral gift looked like without having to ask the recipient, plus he or she will be able to tell if the money spent was justified.

If you are proud of the work that comes out of your shop, as I’m sure all of you are, this is a great way to show your customers just how good you are.

It only takes a couple of minutes of your time to take the picture and save it to a computer.  flowerSoft will do the rest and there isn’t a better way, in my opinion, to keep customers happy and coming back.

Here is an example of a delivery confirmation email from Carter’s and a few of the pictures that are attached to the emails.






Several of the features flowerSoft offers today are a direct result of requests for new features made by him. Things like loyalty programs, web order transfers and delivery confirmations with picture attachments have come about as a direct result of his requests. So, if you ever use any of these features, send Terry a note and thank him for having such great features available to you because of his quest for complete customer satisfaction. Or better yet, if you have some orders going down his way you know that he’ll take great care of them.

  • St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Local: 727-327-5568
  • Toll Free: 800-327-5568