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Tip #288-Bad Checks

Tip #288
Bad Checks

There are times when a customer’s check will come back as “Insufficient Funds” along with the amount your bank is charging you for processing that check.  Hopefully, this will not happen to you often.  But if it does, in most cases (if not all) you will want to recoup these bank charges from the customer.  This post will tell you how to do that.

First of all, there are 2 different types of bad checks, the ones entered through the accounts receivable module and the ones entered at the point of sale module.

Let’s start by saying that you should never accept a check from a customer through a “999” sale because if the check “bounces” there is no way for you to recoup the money.
I would not even accept a check from a customer if I don’t have a backup credit card to charge in case the check is no good.

Most “bad” checks will be entered through the A/R module and that is why there is a specific menu option to handle them.


Upon selecting this option, you will be presented with the following screens…


You will need to enter the account number and the correct check number of the “bad” check.  This should be easily available to you from the bank but if it is not you can always find it through the A/R module.  Once you have the correct account and check number entered, flowerSoft will allow you to continue…


flowerSoft will supply the check amount and let you enter the bank charge you want to recoup.  It then informs you of the total amount the customer will be charged back.

Since this is a check entered through the A/R module, it will have one or more ON ACCOUNT invoices linked to it.  So instead of adding a new charge for $220.oo in this example, what flowerSoft will do is void the payment, restoring all the original outstanding amounts for the invoices it paid, and then just add an additional charge for the bank charge.


If you go and look at the original payment, you will see that it has been marked as void.


So if you now look into the customer’s account, you will see that the payment is not even shown but a charge back amount is now visible.


That is how you handle a payment made through the A/R module when the check comes back as “Insufficient Funds” or any other reason for that matter.

However, if the “bad” check was accepted through the POS module, we need to use a different method to charge back the customer.

First you need to bring up the invoice that was paid with the “bad” check.
Once you have it on the screen, you will need to update the record and indicate why you are doing so…


Next, you will need to navigate to the products screen and add a line item for the chargeback…


In order to add what the bank charged you for the returned check, you will need to have an item code for the chargeback.  The code name and description is entirely up to you but you must make sure that it is marked as a tax free item.


Once you have an item code for the chargeback, you can enter it on the next available line in the order.


By the way, you can make the chargeback amount to the customer greater than what the bank charged you if you want to cover your additional expenses.

Once this line item is added, you must change the method of payment from check, to either ON ACCOUNT or CREDIT CARD if you have a backup credit card for this customer.  Remember that since flowerSoft does not store credit card numbers,  to have a backup credit card for the customer, the customer must have made a previous purchase using a credit card.

So now you must go to the method of payment screen and change the method of payment to ON ACCOUNT or CREDIT CARD.


Notice that the order is still a taxable order and that even though the Subtotal amount has changed to $90.00, the taxable amount remains at $60.00 and the Sales Tax amount remains the same as it was.

Those are the steps needed to charge the customer back for a returned check accepted through the POS module.  A little more complicated than a check accepted through the A/R module but still a fairly simple process.

The one thing to remember is that you must make your chargeback item code as a tax free item, otherwise flowerSoft would calculate sales tax on $90.00 instead of $60.00

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.







Virus Warning!

Virus Warning!

It has come to my attention that a nasty virus is circulating masquerading as an e-mail from Logmein.  I got this e-mail late last night from a flowerSoft user.
This is from a VERY computer savvy flowerSoft user.  So if she fell for it, you might also.


So I need to admit to allowing the Win32/zbot virus onto the server. It came in a phishing email supposedly from logmein.

It was bad. Microsoft Security Essentials found it but couldn’t delete it. We finally had success with Kapersky tsdkiller.

All systems seem to be running fine now.

Since all your florists are using logmein you might want to post a warning on the blog. I opened the email on Wednesday but didn’t see problems until today. Hopefully no one else was a sucker like me. I am so embarrassed, I can usually spot those……

Since a lot of you use Logmein, you might think this is a legitimate e-mail.

Here are the details:

Subject: Your LogMeIn digital certificate has expired!

 Dear LogMeIn customer,

This notification has been emailed to you because your SSL certificate has expired. To continue using the LogMeIn services, you are required to update your digital certificate. A new certificate has been generated for you.

The new LogMeIn SSL certificate can be downloaded from :

https :// 20092&userid=849501&type=SSL_Cert

According to our Terms and Conditions, failing to renew the SSL certificate will result in account suspension or cancelation:

Thank you for using LogMeIn Software

Copyright © 2003-2014 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved.


If you get this e-mail DO NOT click on the link shown above.

Simply DELETE the e-mail as soon as possible.

So please, if you get this e-mail, delete it as soon as possible.

Thank you!

Tip #135 – My Outgoing Order is Not Being Tranasmitted

Tip #135
My Outgoing Order is Not Being Transmitted…

Once in a while I get calls from a flowerSoft users telling me that they entered an outgoing order but flowerSoft is not transmitting the order to the wire service.

There could be several reasons for this like not having internet service or the scheduled tasks are not running or you called Teleflora or FTD and they got into your system and made changes, etc.

But one that happens often is that the order’s delivery date is too far into the future.

There is a setting in flowerSoft’s defaults that controls the number of days from today’s date flowerSoft will wait before it transmits an order to the wire services.
In other words if you have the number of days set to 7 and the delivery date is 8 days away, flowerSoft will not transmit the order until the delivery date is 7 days away from today’s date.

This was done to lessen the chance of the filling florist forgetting about your order because it was sent to far in advance.
If you receive an order that does not have to be delivered for 2 weeks, you may also forget about it.

So the next time you have an order that does not want to go out no matter how many times you try to send it, check to see how far away the delivery date is.
If it is more than the number of days indicated in the defaults file…


The good news is that you can make the number of days anything you want up to a maximum of 99 days, so if you want to send an order out even if the delivery date is 10 days away, simply go into the defaults menu and change the number of days to a higher number, like 14 or 30 or any number of days, 99 or less.


I do not recommend you make that number less than 7.  Most florists can handle orders for delivery less than a week away with no difficulty.

Remember, if you make that number 3 for example, it means that flowerSoft will not send the order out until the delivery date is 3 days away.  So either keep it at 7 or increase it.

Tip #132 – Improved Employee Time Clock Program

Tip #132
New Employee Time Clock Program

In order to keep everyone happy, I’ve made some changes to the time clock program.

Some of you like to have your employees punch in using their employee number, while others want to see them punch in and out using their social security number.

The new time clock screen will let your employee clock in and out using either their employee number or their social security number.

In addition, some of you do not like to read time in a 24-hour format, so flowerSoft will now display the time in a normal format.
However, if any changes have to be made to a time card, they have to be made in “military” time.

Your employees will now also be able to access the time clock from the new orders menu by pressing the plus (+) key.

Here are some of the screen shots…



Punched out using employee number.


Punched in using social security number.

Notice times are shown in AM/PM format, not “military” time.

Tip #131 – If You Are a New flowerSoft User…

Tip #131
Best advice I can ever give you

If you are not familiar with a function, always read the bottom 4 lines of the screen.

A lot of time and effort is spent supplying those prompts to make it easier for you, the user, to understand what flowerSoft is expecting you to do.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Use account # 1111111.000 for testing purposes. Whatever you do using that account, does not count as a real order.

Train new employees using this test account.  It is just like a real account except that flowerSoft ignores anything with the 1111111.000 account number when generating reports and calculating sales taxes.

Meet the Lindskoog crew!

Lindskoog Florists is the largest florist in downtown Minneapolis and the premier Teleflora florist in the city.

In business for over 100 years!  Dick Lindskoog and his crew are a pleasure to deal with.

The girls, with one exception, picked up flowerSoft very quickly and hardly ever (with one exception) have any problems with it.

So if you have any flowers going to Minneapolis, give Lindskoog Florist a call.  I’m sure they’ll take great care of your customer.

Support your fellow flowerSoft users!

Here is the Lindskoog crew:


And below you can watch their video.

Lindskoog Flowers Video