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Reports of bugs found in flowerSoft and their resolutions

Tip #054 – Discounts

Tip #054

OK, so most of you know that by pressing F8 from the sales tax field you can apply a discount.  Either a percent or a set amount.
In other words, you can apply a discount of 5% to a $100 order (product only) or $5.00 to a %50.00 order.
Discounts that are meant to be a percent of the total product must be preceded by a minus (-) sign.

flowerSoft will then calculate the discount off the total product amount and ask you for verification.

Once you verify the amount of the discount, flowerSoft will insert it into the 6th line of the order.
(This may answer your question as to why you can never enter anything directly into the 6th line)

Notice that flowerSoft only applies the discount, 10% in this case, to the total product amount.  It never includes delivery or relay charges in the total amount.

OK, so you already knew about this flowerSoft feature, but did you know that you can apply discounts to individual lines of an order?

I know some of you who have been using flowerSoft for many years, did not know this while others who have been using it for only a couple of years did know.

Well, now every one who reads this blog will now.  Onward to tip #055 !




A bug was recently introduced affecting this option.  The bug does not let you get out of the discount screen unless you hit the <Esc> key.  The bug has been fixed and will be uploaded to your system shortly.

Thanks to Larry of Flowerworks in beautiful Lincoln, Nebraska for discovering this bug.