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From this moment on, all features and improvements shown will be part of flowerSoft Silver 2014 and can only be obtained by upgrading to that version.  New features and improvements to version 2013 are no longer possible.  That version is now closed.

So, if you want some of the new features and improvements shown here, you will need to let us know that you want to upgrade to version 2014.

As usual, this version is free of charge to flowerSoft users in good standing.  In other words, up-to-date with their support fees.

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You…

Some new flowerSoft features coming your way…

  1. You will be able, from the Manager’s menu, to review all the new accounts entered by your employees for completeness and accuracy.
  2. You will be able to switch the account numbers for two accounts.  For examples, if you have an account with the number 7186980298.000 and another one with the number 7186980298.001 and find that you’d rather have the 7186980298.001 account be the 7186980298.000, you will be able to switch the account numbers with minimal effort.
  3. You will be able to access the Obits menu from a shortcut in the New Orders menu.
  4. You will be able to look at the time cards in regular time, not military time. However, if you need to edit a time card you will still have to do that in military time.




flowerSoft Silver 2013

flowerSoft Silver 2013 is now available.

Among many other improvements and bug fixes, flowerSoft Silver 2013 now allows you to get credit card authorizations without using ICVerify and be PCI compliant and to interface with Teleflora’s Dove Plus system.

For PCI compliance, you must clear your credit cards through Merchant Warehouse and their Merchantware system.


I will start installing flowerSoft Silver 2013 in your systems starting January 1st., 2013.

This upgrade will allow you to become PCI compliant with your handling of credit cards.

flowerSoft Silver 2013 has been certified as completing the integration with MerchantWARE Transport.WEB

integration certificate


What this means that, if you choose to become compliant, you will have to clear your credit cards through the internet using Merchant Warehouse as your clearing house and you will no longer be able to keep customer’s credit cards in your system.

What does this mean to you?
If you become PCI compliant, all your customer credit cards currently kept in your system will be erased.
They will be erased because although encrypted, they are kept in your system’s hard drive and that makes you non-compliant.
The next time an existing customer calls or comes into your store and wants to pay his or her purchase with a credit card, you will have to enter the credit card information again, only this time will will enter it into a web page instead of flowerSoft.
flowerSoft will still keep some information on the customer’s credit card, such as the card type and expiration date, but will not keep any of the sensitive information like the credit card number and security code.

Also, if the credit card will have to be swipe, you will need to get a magnetic card reader from Merchant Warehouse.  These mag readers will encrypt the credit card information being swiped, which is another PCI requirement.

The next time the same customer comes in, you will not have to enter the credit card information again, as it will be kept in Merchant Warehouse’s system.  All you will have to do is select which credit card the customer wants to use, if the have more than one, for a list flowerSoft will show you.

Of course, you always have the option of continuing to remain non-compliant and keep using ICVerify and your current clearing house, but sooner or later you will be forced to become compliant by whoever you are clearing your credit cards with now.  At that point you will still need to switch to Merchant Warehouse to clear your credit cards because that is the only other option flowerSoft will offer at this time.

Merchant Warehouse has very competitive rates and they should be able to match or beat your current rates.
Also, in the very near future, you will also be able to obtain a Genius device from Merchant Warehouse.  This device, similar to what you see now at supermarkets, will allow you to accept debit cards and gift cards.

Here is some information on Genius:

The Genius platform is the first acceptance solution designed to securely handle all current and future payment types as well as value-add gift, loyalty and promotion programs.

Boston, MA – June 12, 2012 – Merchants and point-of-sale developers are struggling with rapidly evolving consumer payment technologies, rewards and loyalty programs and other value-add offers designed to enhance the merchant-consumer experience. From the number of mobile payment options available to ensuring new transaction types maintain PCI compliance, emerging payment technologies and related programs have been viewed as a source of confusion and disruption. Today, Merchant Warehouse®, a leader and innovator in payment solutions, ushered in the future of customer engagement and value-add merchant programs with Genius, the first acceptance solution designed to securely handle all current and future payment types.

Genius Features:

The Genius Customer Engagement Platform is able to aggregate and integrate every conceivable transaction technology, payment type and customer program – both present and future – into a single countertop device. Genius was created to address three common pain points felt by merchants, POS developers and payment providers: choice, security and access.

  • Unlimited Choice – Genius seamlessly incorporates payment and offers alternatives through a configurable Customer Engagement Device (CED) that displays the payment and program offer applications. Genius accepts all types of mobile payments including NFC, QR codes and mobile wallets as well as loyalty, gifting and rewards programs. Both merchants and customers will realize a significantly enhanced merchant-customer experience from the flexibility to choose among payment types, offers and value-add programs for each transaction. Now, merchants and POS developers can choose to implement the payment options that best suit theirs and their customers’ needs.
  • Unified Security – With Genius, Merchant Warehouse is helping merchants and POS providers solve their biggest security and compliance challenges while simultaneously preparing them for the future of payments and value-add programs. A PCI compliant solution, Genius combines end-to-end encryption and tokenization that splits sensitive and non-sensitive data to reduce the risk of merchant security breaches. POS developers are taken out of PA-DSS scope.
  • Open Access – Merchants and POS developers using Genius have access to all payment types and value-add programs such as gift, loyalty, couponing and others. For example, Genius’s payments solution partner LevelUp gives merchants immediate access to a mobile payments solution with zero processing fees. Further, Genius’s cloud-based architecture constantly and seamlessly updates the platform, giving merchants and POS developers the opportunity to easily integrate current and future payment types without business disruption. Access to new payment types means merchants are able to quickly adapt to consumer payment trends and avoid using antiquated solutions.


The Genius Customer Engagement Platform helps merchants and POS developers grow their business and realize the promise of the future.

  • Gain new customers with such a simple approach to having so many options;• Add value through combinations of offers and programs to retain existing customers;
  • Reduce hardware costs; and
  • Reduce compliance costs.


flowerSoft 2013 will also give you the option to switch from Dove Legacy to Dove Plus.  This will allow you to free a telephone line and also perform additional functions not available in the Dove legacy system.

This upgrade to flowerSoft 2013 is free of charge if you are currently paying support and your account is not in arrears.

If you do not wish to receive this free upgrade to flowerSoft 2013, please let me know asap.