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flowerSoft Silver 2020 New and Improved Features – Post # 1

flowerSoft Silver 2020 will be available as of June 1st., 2020.
Because of  the number of new and/or different features, this version will be made available, almost free of charge ($1) to those who specifically ask for it and are current with their support payments.

Here are just some of the new or improved features that are included in the upcoming 2020 version of flowerSoft.
Features marked with a gold stat like this one smiling-gold-star-thumb indicate that, to our knowledge, no one else can offer that feature to you almost free of charge ($1).

(Please note: This is is going to be a long continuing post, as there is no way I can document all the new and improved features flowerSoft 2020 will offer in one sitting!)

Post # 1


  • Delivery Time “Slots”   smiling-gold-star-thumb (This is a new flowerSoft 2020 feature)
    Instead of delivery times, flowerSoft now introduces the delivery “time slot” concept to its users.  Delivery times will no longer be available.

    Previous versions of flowerSoft used to provide you with a delivery time field, where you could add a delivery time to the order.  The delivery times used to be preceded by a “BEF.” or an “AFT.”, so you would have delivery times such as “BEF. 2PM” or “AFT. 4PM” which were very imprecise.
    “BEF. 2PM” could be any time before 2 PM and “AFT. 4PM” could be any time after 4 PM..

    In the 2020 version, flowerSoft will use a “Delivery Time Slot” field instead of a “Delivery Time” field.  There will be a total of 10 different delivery time slots.
    Two of these slots (#0 and #9) are reserved by flowerSoft.
    Slot #0 will be used when there is no delivery time requested by the customer and the order can be delivered any time during the day.
    Slot #9 is reserved for pick ups, where no delivery is required.

    The other 8 (#1 through #8) delivery time slots can be defined by you, based on what works for your particular shop.
    Delivery time slots can range from a couple of hours to all day.  You decide.

    Although there are up to 8 user-definable delivery time slots available, you do not have to use them all.
    Or if you do define them all, you can make each one active or inactive.
    Inactive slots will not show up on the list of delivery slots available.

    Although you could use 7 of the 8 delivery slots available to you for each different day of the week, this is not advisable.
    A better option is to fill the “Day of the Week” field available on each one , with “EVERY DAY”.  Meaning that the additional charge (or lack of it) will be used for all delivery days, Sunday through Saturday.
    However, each delivery time slot also has an “Except on” field.
    This lets you add an exception the the delivery time slot’s rule.

    Example, let’s say you have a delivery time slot defined for deliveries between
    1:00 PM and 6:00 PM  and you have no additional service charge for those hours because they are your normal delivery hours, covered by your delivery charge.
    However, you are closed on Sunday and if someone requires a delivery on a Sunday between those ours, you might have to bring a driver or at least yourself, to make the arrangement and deliver it.  That creates an additional expense for you.

    If that is the case, you can offset the additional expense by setting up Sunday as the “exception day” for that delivery time slot and enter an additional service charge for it.  So now, that delivery time slot additional service charge (or lack of it) will be applied every day to that delivery time slot, except on Sundays.

    This delivery time slot additional service charge is added to any other service charge you might have or will have on the order.
    Although this additional service charge is automatically calculated by flowerSoft, it can always be removed by you or your employees, if necessary.

    We want to thank Sam of San Rafael Florist for asking if this new feature could be added to flowerSoft.
    It is a good idea and it will be available in the flowerSoft 2020 version.
    Thank you, Sam.


    Improved Customer and Recipient “Aliases”  smiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft now allows you to add user and recipient aliases on the fly and can also provide a list of existing recipient aliases on demand.

  • New and improved “on demand” help for every field in the order entry module.
  • Suspend” Orderssmiling-gold-star-thumb
    Ability to “suspend” an order in the middle of taking it, if customer needs to get back to you with additional information.  Once the customer can provide that information, you can bring the order back to the point it was suspended and continue the order entry process without having to re-enter any information previously entered.  flowerSoft will now automatically inform you that you have “suspended” orders waiting to be completed.
  • Obituary Orderssmiling-gold-star-thumb
    Give you the ability to save the deceased’s name, visitation location and address,
    viewing dates and times, funeral date, funeral director, cemetery, delivery instructions and many other pieces of information about the deceased.
    The obits feature will also let you generate a “Thank You” list you can provide the funeral director with the name and addresses of those who purchased flowers from you for the funeral.
    You can also generate a “Thank You” letter you can send or give the the deceased’s family which will also show the name and addressed of those who sent flowers for the funeral.
  •  Customer Order Historysmiling-gold-star-thumb
    Display previous orders from a customer and allows you to duplicate the previous order into a new one if needed.  Except from some minor details, like the delivery date and possibly the card message, this feature saves you from having to type all the data required to complete a new order.
  • Customer Recipient Historysmiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft will display on demand either all the recipients of your customer’s floral gifts or up to the last 10 most recent recipients of your customer floral gifts.
    One displays all the different recipients your customer has sent a floral gift to and the other one the ten most recent recipients.
    One has no duplicate names and the other one may.
    This lists allow you to select the current order’s recipient name and address from the lists and save you from needing to type it into the computer.
    Of course, if the recipient is not on the lists, their name and address will be saved so that it will be available in the future.
  • Alpha-Numeric Account Numbers.  smiling-gold-star-thumb
    Although 95% of your customer account numbers are or will be based on their telephone number digits, as in 9177979144, flowerSoft also allows you to have account numbers that contain a combination of numbers and letters or just letters.
    For example, you can have the account number for a customer be something like GEORGES or GSIMON or GS2020.
    More important, if the customer calls and your clerk happens to ask them for their phone number, flowerSoft will still find the alpha-numeric account.
    For example, if the clerk types in 9177979144 into the account number field and flowerSoft does not find that account number in the database, it will search for the phone number entered in the database and display the correct account number if it is successful in finding a match.
  • “Restricted Use” Accounts.   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft will let your customer determine who can or cannot place orders charged to their account.
    If you or one of your clerks is taking an order from one of your customers with a “restricted use” account, flowerSoft will ask for the name of the person placing the order and check it against the customer’s list of names that are authorized to order in their behalf.
    In addition, since a name is pretty easy to be overheard, a password can also be added to each of the names that are authorized to order.  In such a case, flowerSoft will also ask for the password.  If the name and/or password do not match a name on the list, the clerk will not be able to keep entering the order in the computer.
  • Enclosure Card Codes.   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    flowerSoft allows you to define and unlimited number of enclosure card codes, such as HB for Happy Birthday or HA for Happy Anniversary or WDS for With Deepest Sympathy that not only save you from having to type them but also provide the correct “occasion” for the order.
    So HB will provide “Birthday” as the occasion for the order and WDS will provide “Sympathy” as the occasion.
    In addition, flowerSoft allows to have 3 different formats for your enclosure cards, as well as “long” and “short” cards.  “Long” cards can have up to 9 lines of formatted text.
    While short card are limited to 5 lines of text, they offer the ability to have up to 3 different cards in one order.
  • Enclosure Card Signatures.   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    If you are lucky enough to have a very good business account with a name like Deciphera Pharmaceuticals or Clarence M Kelly and Associates.
    If they place a lot of orders with you,  you will appreciate flowerSoft’s enclosure card signature feature.
    This feature allows to save one or more “default” signatures for your accounts.
    Let’s say for example that Deciphera Pharmaceuticals regularly sends floral gifts to employees celebrating birthdays or anniversaries.
    So today you get an order from Deciphera Pharmaceuticals and they want their enclosure card to to read:

    Happy Anniversary!
    Wishing you Jeff and your wife Cris a very happy anniversary.
    From all your bosses and fellow employees at
    Deciphera Pharmaceuticals

    If they do regularly, you will love the income it produces but you hate the though of you or one of your employees having to type “From all your bosses and fellow employees at Deciphera Pharmaceuticals” each time they place such an order without making a mistake or just because of the amount of time it takes.
    flowerSoft to the rescue!

    With the enclosure card signature feature, you can save up to 4 lines of text as a “default” signature for each customer you have.
    Not only that, but you can have as many “default” signatures for each customer as you feel is necessary.

    So if the customer’s card signatures differ for different occasions, you can have “default” signatures for birthdays, anniversaries, sympathy or any other occasion you can think of.

    When you are entering an order from a customer that has a “default” signature on file, flowerSoft will alert you as soon as you enter the card message area.
    When it comes time to sign the card with the customer’s name, all you or your employee have to do is put an asterisk (*) at the location where you want the signature to begin or in the case of several “default” signatures for a customer, bring up a list of all the signatures and select the appropriate one.
    Nothing could be easier.  You will love this feature!

  • Delivery Dates by Day Name   smiling-gold-star-thumb
    Normally, flowerSoft defaults the delivery date to today’s date, placing it in the field as soon as you enter it.  However, many times the delivery date is not in the date the customer calls to place the order.
    flowerSoft gives you a couple of ways to alter the “default” date it has placed in the delivery date field.
    One is very simple, if the delivery date in the field is 09/13/2019 for example, you can add 1 day to it by hitting the plus (+) key on your keyboard.  You can keep doing this until you get to the correct date or, if you pass it, you can hit the minus (-) key to deduct a day from what is shown.
    However, many times the customer will say “I want the delivery next Wednesday” and now you are left guessing which date that is.
    flowerSoft does allow you to bring up a 3-month calendar by just hitting a key and they highlighting next Wednesday’s date and selecting it.  flowerSoft will fill the delivery date field with the correct date.  Yet, there is an easier way.
    Today is Friday.  If a customer asks for a delivery date of Wednesday, all you need to do is type “wed” in the field and flowersoft will bring up the correct date, 09/18/2019.  If they ask for a delivery date of a week from Wednesday, you type “nwed” and flowerSoft will supply 09/25/2019.
    You can preceed the 3-letter abbreviation of each day by up to 7 “n”‘s as in “nnnnnnnwed” to get a date of 11/06/2019.  Each “n” represents one week from the coming Wednesday or whatever day of the week is indicated by the 3-letter abbreviation.  Of course taking this that far is ridiculous, you are better off bring up the 3-month calendar but for one or two weeks, it is a time saver.

Final Warning!

Final Warning!

This is the notice we received from Cayan today.

Cayan Notice_03

This is the email you should have received from Cayan today…


If your systems are running TLS 1.0 you may see service disruptions starting as early as this Friday.

Some of you experienced service disruptions as early as May 11th, right in the middle of the Mother’s Day crunch.  We got Cayan to roll back the change at that time but no longer.  This is from an email I received from Cayan today:

Hi George,

Our release schedule puts this change around Friday of this week. I do not believe we can delay rolling this out any past that. Do you believe everyone will be updated by then? “

Here is what I answered:

Hi Evan,
I have updated as many customers as I could but I am afraid some will still not be updated by Friday.
The flowerSoft customers that have not been updated have either not given us access to their systems or they have computers running Windows Server 2003 and/or Windows XP.
As you know, the TLS 1.2 version will not run on Windows Server or Windows XP systems, so unless those customers upgrade their computers we won’t be able to help them.
There isn’t much more I can do at this point, although I am still trying to gain access to some systems.
So go ahead with your change on Friday if you must and those customer affected will need to clear their credit cards through their Cayan portal or through their credit card terminals.
Thank you for rolling back the change you guys made before Mother’s Day, it was a great help to our customers.

So if you are one of few flowerSoft customers that have not allowed us access to your system or are still running either Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP, be aware that you may not be able to clear your credit cards through flowerSoft as early as this Friday and definitely by July 1st of this year.

You still have a little bit of time, but not much.


*** Important Notice *** – Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 No Longer Supported

*** Important Notice ***

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
No Longer Supported by Cayan (Merchant Warehouse)

If you have any computers still using Windows XP or a server running Windows Server 2003, as of May 18th, 2015 you won’t be able to get credit card approvals unless you either upgrade the operating systems or apply patches to those operating systems making them more secure.

If you do not understand what you are about to read below, please contact your IT professional (not flowerSoft) to help you upgrade your obsolete computer system(s).

You should have received an email from Cayan (Merchant Warehouse) stating:

Cayan is dedicated to maintaining a high level of security and protecting all communications with our partners and merchants. On May 18, Cayan will be taking steps to further protect the privacy and security of our partners’, merchants’ and cardholders’ data. First, Cayan will no longer support the use of the RC4 cipher used to encrypt data. This cipher is considered weak and are susceptible to attack, and is disallowed by PCI. Cayan supports the more secure DES and AES ciphers. Second, Cayan will begin using stronger digital certificates, issued by DigiCert. These changes increases the certificate’s strength to use 2048 bits and uses the more secure SHA-2 hash algorithm instead of MD5, which is considered weak and is susceptible to attack.

To prevent our systems from being exposed to these threats, Cayan will be making changes to its security protocols on May 18.

What systems are affected?

Any system that makes an encrypted connection to Cayan and only uses the RC4 cipher. Any system that does not have the DigiCert Global Root CA certificate in its certificate store. Any system that makes an encrypted connection to Cayan using only the MD5 hashing algorithm. This includes web browsers, points of sale, and terminals.

Please click on the link below after you read this if you think you may be affected by this change:

How do I know if I am affected? Is there a way for me to check my terminal or point of sale?

Most modern operating systems will not be affected by this change. Some older operating systems (such as Windows XP, Windows POSReady 2009, and Windows Server 2003) will work, but require certain patches to be applied, described below. Other older operating systems (such as Windows 2000) do not support these modern security protocols and are no longer receiving updates from their respective vendors. Because of this, these systems are not PCI compliant and will not be supported by Cayan beyond May 18. Please consult your IT department for the specific ciphers your systems support.

If you are able to visit this test page from a web browser on your point of sale without seeing any warnings or errors, you are likely unaffected by these changes.

What will happen if I am affected?

If you fall into one of the above categories and you do not take corrective action by May 18th, you will not be able to process transactions as Cayan will no longer support these insecure security protocols.

I believe that I will be affected by this change. What corrective actions should I take?

In accordance with PCI standards, Cayan always recommends using operating systems that are being actively supported and updated by their vendors. Operating systems such as Windows Server 2000 and Windows XP have fallen out of support with Microsoft. Additionally, Microsoft will no longer support Windows Server 2003 beyond July 14, 2015. These out of date systems may presently work with Cayan’s payment gateway, but they do not use up to date security standards, may be susceptible to attack, and cannot be certified as PCI compliant, as they are no longer receiving updates from Microsoft. Because of their age, it is unlikely that Cayan will be able to support these systems much further into the future.

Before May 18:

Please ensure that you have installed the latest service packs and updates from your operating system vendors and point of sale vendors. For Windows XP, this means that you must be updated to Service Pack #3. Windows POSReady 2009 is based on Windows XP Service Pack #3, and should not require any additional updates. For Windows 2003, this means that you must be updated to Service Pack #2. Windows 2003 users must also install the following hotfix from Microsoft to enable SHA-2 based encryption. On Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows POSReady 2009, Cayan strongly recommends upgrading your browser to Internet Explorer 8, which is the latest version of that browser supported on those platforms. Windows 2000, Millennium, and earlier are not supported by Cayan.

Older operating systems such as Windows XP and POSReady 2009 require that you download the DigiCert Global Root CA certificate and install it into your point of sale’s trusted key store. On a Windows system, you can do this by double clicking the certificate once you have downloaded it and then following the prompts on screen.

To download the certificate from Digicert:

For enterprise deployments (e.g. supporting multiple points of sale, potentially across multiple physical locations/storefronts), you may wish to use Windows Group Policy to install this certificate and these security patches onto multiple machines. Please consult your IT department for more details.

I took corrective action. How can I test that everything worked?

If you are able to visit this test page from a web browser on your point of sale without any warnings or errors, it is likely that your system will work after Cayan’s switchover on May 18th.

Cayan has also set up a test environment with these security settings already applied. This environment is reachable via its external IP of Please consult your IT department and/or POS vendor for instructions on how to validate your system against Cayan’s test environment.

For questions regarding this, please contact Cayan’s technical support team at 855-273-4203

Please click on the link below after you’ve read this if you think you may be affected by this change:

Virus Warning!

Virus Warning!

It has come to my attention that a nasty virus is circulating masquerading as an e-mail from Logmein.  I got this e-mail late last night from a flowerSoft user.
This is from a VERY computer savvy flowerSoft user.  So if she fell for it, you might also.


So I need to admit to allowing the Win32/zbot virus onto the server. It came in a phishing email supposedly from logmein.

It was bad. Microsoft Security Essentials found it but couldn’t delete it. We finally had success with Kapersky tsdkiller.

All systems seem to be running fine now.

Since all your florists are using logmein you might want to post a warning on the blog. I opened the email on Wednesday but didn’t see problems until today. Hopefully no one else was a sucker like me. I am so embarrassed, I can usually spot those……

Since a lot of you use Logmein, you might think this is a legitimate e-mail.

Here are the details:

Subject: Your LogMeIn digital certificate has expired!

 Dear LogMeIn customer,

This notification has been emailed to you because your SSL certificate has expired. To continue using the LogMeIn services, you are required to update your digital certificate. A new certificate has been generated for you.

The new LogMeIn SSL certificate can be downloaded from :

https :// 20092&userid=849501&type=SSL_Cert

According to our Terms and Conditions, failing to renew the SSL certificate will result in account suspension or cancelation:

Thank you for using LogMeIn Software

Copyright © 2003-2014 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved.


If you get this e-mail DO NOT click on the link shown above.

Simply DELETE the e-mail as soon as possible.

So please, if you get this e-mail, delete it as soon as possible.

Thank you!

New Method of Payment – CC-PRE-AUTH

New Method of Payment

Some of you have asked for a way to save a customer’s credit card for future use but not charge the account at that time.  Something like a pre-authorization that hotels used.

To accommodate this request, I’ve come up with the CC-PRE-AUTH method of payment.


What this method of payment will do is get an approval on the order for just 1 penny.  The credit card number will be saved in Merchant Warehouse’s vault for future use and when you decide to charge for the balance of the order, the card # will be available.


Enter “Y” to get the authorization for $0.01


Then, later on when you need to charge the balance, simply bring the order up in Edit/View and hit the letter “A” and select #5 to get the authorization.



I still have a couple of things to work out, but it should be available very soon.

Identical Credit Card Transactions (Cont.)

Identical Credit Card Transactions (Cont.)

Here are a couple of report that you should run every day to make sure you are getting credit for all your credit card purchases.

As usual, these reports are found in the Manager’s menu.  Follow this path M > R > A > C > E





The total of this report is what should have been deposited to your account on 12/19/2013.

If it is not, some deduction for a duplicate transaction must have taken place.

This report can be run for any date period but I recommend running it for one day at a time to make it easier for you to check.

This report should be used in conjunction with the Identical Credit Card Transactions report posted previously.

You can get the report above by following this path: M > T > 2

Here it is again…


Hope this helps.

Identical Credit Card Transactions

Identical Credit Card Transactions

OK folks, the problem is real and it has definitely affected you.

The problem is not with Merchant Warehouse’s program but with First Data, the clearing house.  They are seeing those identical transactions as duplicates and not paying you for them.

How?  They are deducting the money from what they consider to be duplicate transactions from the next day’s money they deposit in your bank, so it might be hard to see if you do not check that deposit every day.

I don’t know when this problem will be fixed, but until it is you should check your batch deposit every day.

To get paid for the transactions they did not credit you for, you have to go the your Merchant Warehouse Portal and create “Forced Sales” for each of the transactions you did not get paid for.


The problem here is getting the credit card number from Merchant Warehouse if you cannot get it from the customer.  Merchant Warehouse will not give you the credit card number unless you have the approval number.  The problem is that approval numbers go away after 30 days, so if they do not have the approval number they cannot help you.  That is why it is imperative that you check these deposits every day.

You should print the report of identical credit card transactions and call Merchant Warehouse with the information provided in the report so that they can provide you with the credit card number used if at all possible.

Otherwise your only other recourse is to call the customer and try to get the information from them and then enter a new order for the same amount.

Duplicate Credit Card Transactions

Duplicate Credit Card Transactions

It has come to my attention that a problem might exist with identical credit card sales made to the same customer on the same day.

The problem reported is that if a sale is made using the same credit card on the same day for the same amount, one sale will be considered a duplicate and will not be paid.

We mark all submissions to Merchant Warehouse with a flag indicating that duplicate transactions should be allowed but it might be that it is being ignored by their program.

I am working on a report to help you identify these sales, if any, so that you can check your Merchant Report records and verify you have gotten paid for each of these sales.

If you want this report when is ready, probably by tomorrow, let me know and I’ll upload to your system.