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Use this page to report any bugs or problems encountered while using flowerSoft.

16 thoughts on “Report Bugs

  1. OK, since the forum is going away, I will give this a try. I was trying to run a master statement for 5755230300.000. FS accepts all the inputs and the hangs at the Reading Keys… screen. In the lower right is Records Read: 10, SelectedL 9. George, please check this out.

    1. Funny, I think someone else was having the exact same problem but I couldn’t get it to happen in my system even when using his data.
      I think I fixed the problem by replacing his Master statement indexes.
      I’ll do the same for you in your system.

  2. I did not do anything but what probably happened was that another user was either updating the client’s record or somehow the control record was locked by another user and it prevented the form from displaying.
    If that happens again, look at the bottom of the screen, you may see a message reading “Wainting for gfctrl record #1 to be unlocked” or something similar.

  3. I think there’s a bug in the Transfer to flowersoft area. In updating an outgoing order (from our website) I have to tell flowersoft I’m not delivering and I don’t want to choose the florist until I get the credit card cleared. After the credit card clears, I don’t want to print until I choose the florist. After I choose the florist, flowersoft says I need I name in the “ordered by” field. After I update that field I think I’m ready to hit F3 and 0 to print but flowersoft has now removed the delivery fee and relay fee even though correct total has a credit card approval. I have to update those fields as well.

    1. I see what the problem is.
      When you update an incoming web order, flowerSoft asks you if you are going to be delivering the order.
      If you answer “No”, it moves the delivery charge into the relay charge field and zeros out the delivery charge. It also makes the order a taxable outgoing order and other housekeeping things.
      Hoewver, after you finish updating the order and press “T” to transfer, flowerSoft asks you again if you are delivering the web order. This was done to allow you to change your mind.
      The problem is that if you answer “No” again, flowerSoft moves the delivery charge, which now is zero into the relay charge field, thus erasing the relay charge.
      I’ll fix that for you tonight.

  4. I haven’t had the chance to try an outgoing order yet but now when flowersoft asks me if I will deliver the web order (local) and I say yes, it then asks if I want to choose a filling florist. This did not happen before if you were delivering.

    1. Et tu, Lambros?
      One of the most, if not the most, knowleadgeable flowerSoft user around asking a newbie question? I’m shocked. 😉
      I know you know the asnwer to this but just did not realize it, as I’m sure you must have come accross this in the past.
      However, for the benefit of others here is the answer:
      The reason flowerSoft only gave you the once a year option when you tried to make an order a recurring order, is because the occasion for the order was either Birthday, Anniversary or Holiday. Those things only come up once a year, thank God.

      1. Yep, this particular order is usually done the first of the month, but the sender wanted to send it for valentines, which coincided with the last delivery, so it was marked as a holiday order. When I tried to mark it as a recurring order, I only had the yearly option. So I humbly apologize for thinking it was an update gone awry!

  5. George, I’m getting “can’t assign to read field in @ENTSEL processing! line number 3755 assignment not done” when I lookup a ticket in edit & view tickets – @ update. Can you check out. Thanks, John Baker, Grimsley’s Flowers

    1. John, can you put the PRO version of Logmein in the server?
      I cannot update your system with the PRO version on the other computer.
      All you have to do is switch them, you do not have to buy another PRO version.

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