About flowerSoft


Dedicated to Mr. Bernard Silver

Bernard Silver of Flowers By Bernard in Staten Island was the driving force and inspiration behind the original flowerSoft program over 35 years ago.
His expert advice and suggestions resulted in a very powerful, simple, user-friendly and affordable program which in 1986 was ahead of its time.

Although flowerSoft has grown immensely in power and complexity since those early days, we have tried to remain true to Bernard’s vision of a simple, easy to use program that is affordable by almost every one.  We would like to express our eternal gratitude to Mr. Bernard Silver, the “father” of flowerSoft as well as the many other users that through the years have helped make flowerSoft better through their suggestions for improvements.

George Simon

George Simon, CEO of FSSILVER, Inc. developers of flowerSoft

The purpose of this site is not only to inform but also to answer commonly asked questions about flowerSoft.
Throughout this site’s blog posts, we’ll try to give you a brief glimpse at flowerSoft, the way it works and the features it will offer you.

flowerSoft is a program of enormous size, so we will not attempt to show or describe all of its features.   We will, however, try to show you the ones you are most likely to use on a day to day basis and the ones that come up as a result of inquiries by flowerSoft users.

If we add a new feature to flowerSoft, a blog post will also be added to describe it.  As a member of our support plan, you are entitled to received every flowerSoft new feature and upgrade free of charge.

The design criteria applied to the continual enhancement of flowerSoft is focused on improving the productivity of each person using a terminal.
If your employees have the tools to be productive, your profitability will increase.
flowerSoft offers you the features needed and support required to maximize your investment in personnel.

With the flowerSoft system, a single transaction at order entry will process through the entire system of accounts receivable, commission calculation/reporting, inventory, purchasing, as well as sales analysis reporting.   Providing more time for your employees to engage in the sales effort will help maximize profitability.

This site will begin the process of presenting how flowerSoft qualifies as the “System of Choice” for maximum profitability.

We hope you enjoy it.