Check flowerSoft Compatible Printers

Check flowerSoft Compatible Printers

One of the most frequent calls I get for support are from those looking for a new printer.
Most of the time they go to Staples or Office Max or Amazon and get the cheapest one they can get.  95% of the time, the printer does not work with flowerSoft and then they call me to recommend a printer that does work.

If a printer looks like it is a great deal, is usually a “Windows-Only” printer, also called “host-based” or “GDI” printers.  These printers do not work with flowerSoft.

flowerSoft Printer Compatibility

The link above will bring you to a web site that will list the compatibility of a printer with flowerSoft.  If you are looking to buy a new printer, make sure you enter the manufacturer and the model.  It will then tell you if the printer works, how well or if it doesn’t.


Compatible Printers 1

If you have a specific printer in mind, enter the name of the manufacturer and the printer model, as shown above.

The following should be displayed on your screen…

Compatible Printers 2

Note that it says the printer works perfectly, which means it should work with flowerSoft.  Aldo note that this not me saying that the printer works perfectly, but the Linux foundation.
It is always recommended that you keep all the boxes and paperwork that came with the printer, in case it does not work or came in damaged.

If you want to see a list of printers from one manufacturer do this…

Compatible Printers 3

When you click on “Show All” the following list will display…

Compatible Printers 4

The list will show every printer by the manufacturer.  You will the have to select the model you are looking for on the list.

Note that printers listed are categorized by how they work with Linux.:

  • Perfectly,
  • Mostly,
  • Partially and
  • Paper Weight

Also please note that for a printer to work in flowerSoft, it must also be re-named or shared in your system as “FSPRINTER” unless, for some specific reason you have a different name such as FSPRINTER1 or similar.

I hope this helps those of you looking for a new printer now or in the future.

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