Another Happy Valentine’s Day!

Another Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you all had a happy and prosperous Valentine’s Day and week!

For most of you and me, it was an uneventful week.  Even for a brand new flower shop in Brooklyn, NY that purchased flowerSoft a week before Valentine’s Day!
That is a new record.  The previous record was held by Gramercy Park Flowers in New York City when over 30 years ago they purchased flowerSoft 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day.
The name of the new shop is Blossoms Flower Shop and their phone # is 929-250-2163.
So if you have any orders going to Brooklyn, NY, give them a try.
They do not belong to any wire services yet but I think they will be joining FSN shortly.

We did have a couple of shops the did have problems but they were all equipment related and we were able to help them without any major interruptions.

35 years without any flowerSoft-related interruptions and counting!

Out thanks to all out loyal customers.

Now start getting ready for Mother’s Day!


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