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If You Use flowerSoft to Calculate Your Payrolls…

Remember to close the year 2019 before you start calculating 2020 wages.

Close Payroll Year

The 2020 tax tables may have changed from the 2019 tables.  If so, it is up to you to update those tables.

Tax Tables

I just found out about anther IRS that might affect how flowerSoft calculates payrolls.
There were changes to the W-4 that will affect how payrolls are calculated for new employees hired on or after January 1st. 2020.
However, employees hired before 2020 can keep using the older method which flowerSoft supports.

Here is a link that explains the new requirements:
New IRS W-4 Form Explained

Since flowerSoft is not a dedicated payroll program, it will not supporting the new W-4 form and its new method of calculating payrolls at this time.
Doing so would require flowerSoft to provide 2 different payroll programs, one for employees hired before 2020 and one for those hired on or after January 1st. 2020.
Unfortunately, I cannot do that at the present time.

Please remember that if you hire new employees in 2020, you must use the new W-4 form to calculate their payroll deductions.
The payroll for new employees at the present time cannot be calculated through flowerSoft.  It must be calculated manually or by a dedicated payroll program.

Again, flowerSoft will not be able provide this new method of calculating payroll withholding at this time.  Hopefully, some time after Mother’s Day if possible.