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flowerSoft Silver 2020! – Coming Soon!

flowerSoft Silver 2020
Serving florists for 35 years!


Soon to be Available, flowerSoft 2020
flowerSoft’s greatest version yet!

flowerSoft customers will get the 2020 version (upon request) free of charge
New flowerSoft customers can get the 2020 version for Only $1*
(Everything included, no missing modules)
* Credit card approvals must be obtained through Cayan/TSYS
Free Installation through the internet.
(You must have or get the free version of TeamViewer)

Without belonging to the technical support plan, if technical support is required, the support fee is $ 75 per call of 15 min. or less and an additional $50 for every additional  15-minute time slice.
If you want to join the technical support plan, which allows for an unlimited number of support calls and free program updates, the cost is $125 per quarter for single-user shops and $235 for multi-user shops.  Multi-shop customers pay $315 per quarter.

All payments will be charged to your credit card.

Training available over internet at $150 per hour or part thereof.