1 thought on “Happy Holidays!

  1. Hello G-Man,

    i pulled the list of all my customers which have spent 49.95 or more in the last 24 months, it is on to an excel doc and our printer in Brainerd, MN is 100% pleased.

    Images are narrowed down to three and ready for a proof in early January.
    Any TF members can be added to our list with an email to marc.halverson@brainerdfloral.com.. Subject..Post Card

    Team Floral has suggested this marketing and it works for us, M Day, V Day, T Day and Christmas. The printer TF originally suggested to use has been sold and first running with new folks had smeared ink on nearly every card. Plan is to use our local printer who we have used for years on other printing tasks.

    The customers that receive the card have experience with us and we know that a vast number of our customers have no contact with our local daily paper or the radio stations.

    Cheers G-Man, enjoy the new year with moderation which I am sure you do.

    Marc Halverson Brainerd Floral in beautiful Brainerd Lakes area in MN.


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