Tip #304 – The Letter “Q”

Tip #304 – The Letter “Q”
Part I

Recently, it was brought to my attention that sometimes during order entry, it would be nice to have access to some of flowerSoft search options without having to exit the order-entry program.
Although you could do that by simply opening another instance of the flowerSoft program, all the popular search options are not all together in one menu.

So, in flowerSoft 2019, hitting the letter “Q” from 2 different locations, will give you access to the “Quick Search” programs.
The two different places you can hit “Q” from and access the “Quick Search Programs” menu are…

The “New Orders” menu.  Instead of hitting a number or X, just hit the letter “Q”.


The second place is from the “order map” screen that is accessible via the F3 key.


Hitting “Q” from either of these locations, will give you access to the “Quick Search Programs” menu…


Currently, the “Quick Search Programs” menu give you access to 5 different search options.  The number and type of options may change in the future, if I get feedback from flowerSoft users as to which searches would be more or at least equally useful to have.

The first option is the “Florist Finder” option.
Selecting this option gives you access to 4 different ways to search for a “filling” florist.
City served, zip code served, wire service code (not sure how useful this one will be) and florist name.


Let’s take “City Served” first.


flowerSoft will open an input field for you to enter the name of the city you want to find a florist in.

At this point, I should let you know that you do not have to enter the entire “value” of a field in any or most of the search options.  You can just enter part of the value.
For example, if you are looking for “filling” florists in Staten Island, you can just enter “Staten” or “Stat” or even just “S”, keeping in mind that the more of the value you enter, the more accurate the results will be.
Entering just “Staten” in the field name will bring up florists only in Staten Island because there are no other cities whose name start with those letters (s-t-a-t-e-n).
However, entering “Sta” will bring up florists in “Staatsburg”, “Stacyville”, “Stafford” “Stahlstown”, “Stallings”, “Stamford”, and any other cities whose first 3 letters are “sta”.

Since I am pretty sure I know how to spell “Staten Island”, I am going to enter the full name so that I won’t get florist in other cities.
Now flowerSoft wants to know if I want to know all the florists in Staten Island or just those belonging to a specific wire service…


Notice that you have the option of leaving the wire service field blank, in which case you will get all the florists serving Staten Island.  However, I am going to enter “Teleflora” as the wire service I want.
flowerSoft will then display all the florists belonging to Teleflora in Staten Island.


At the bottom of the screen you will notice 3 options.
The first one is to view the highlighted florist’s record…


An even more useful function, I think, is to hit “M” to view the minimum product amounts in Staten Island.  Let’s see what happens when we hit “M”…


flowerSoft will now display the different product categories with the lowest prices found for each category, along with the name of the Teleflora shop offering the lowest price.
If for any reason you do not want to use that shop, you can highlight the product category you want,, say “Blooming Plant” and then hit “V” to view other shop’s prices for that category.


So there you have it.  All the options you have when looking for a “filling” florist when you are at the “New Orders” menu or already in the order-taking process.

On a future post, we will investigate the “Customer Search” program.







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