If You Need a New Printer…

If your old flowerSoft printer dies and you need a new printer, I suggest you get a re-furbished one from e-Bay.
Nowadays, more and more printers are being build to make them as inexpensive as possible.  Unfortunately, those printers (host-based) do not work with flowerSoft.

For a printer to work with flowerSoft, it cannot be host-nased.  That usually means that they will also work with computers running Linux, Unix and/or Apples.

However, those printers cost considerably more than the cheap host-based printers.
If you do not want to spend the money a new non host-based printer will cost, I suggest you go to e-Bay and get a re-furbished one.
If you get them from a reputable dealer, those printers are very inexpensive and althogh not new, they look almost new.

I had an HP-4050 for over 20 years. Unfortunately, during an office move, my son drop it and it stopped working.  I liked that printer so much I went to e-bay looking for a re-furbished one and found several of them.  I picked a supplier and got my printer about 2 months ago and if I did not know better I would swear it was new.

Keep in mind that when I bought my original one, it cost me over $1,000 and only because I bought it from a friend of mine that was a dealer and gave it to me for his cost.
I paid less than $150 for the one I bought 2 months ago.

I have had several flowerSoft shops buy this re-furbished model from e-Bay and they all love it so far.  Today, one shop told me they got one for less than $100 with a 1 year warrantee!

Of course, you are always taking a chance when you buy a re-furbished printer but if you buy from a reputable dealer, you could save lots of $$$.

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