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A Happy and Prosperous New Year!

We want to wish all our flowerSoft customers a very Happy and Prosperous 2019.

We are beginning our 35th year in business.  We provide our customers with the best possible software and support we are capable of.
Our flowerSoft 2019 is our best effort yet.

Main Menu 2019

Those of you who already have it, we hope you are enjoying all the new features.

If you don’t have it yet, just ask for it.  If free of charge!

We appreciate your support.

flowerSoft 2019 – Top 300 Features – Nobody Does It Better… (Continued)

Like Carly Simon’s song from the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me”, here are the top 300 features, most of them in the order-entry module,  that flowerSoft 2019 offers you at no extra charge.
No one else, as far as I know, offers you so many features for free.  Many of these features are flowerSoft exclusive features, meaning that no one else is able to offer them to you at any price.  The features that I believe are flowerSoft exclusive features will be indicated by an asterisk (*) next to the feature title.  If there is a tip covering this feature, it will be indicated at the end of the paragraph.
I may find more that 300 features as I go along, in which case I will revise the title. 🙂
Since this post will take a long time to write, I will be posted several times before it is completed.  In other words, I will publish this post when I get tired of writing each day.
Here we go…

  • First 25 Order-Entry Features Posted on 11/20/2018

Order-Entry Features

  1. Multiple Shops*
    flowerSoft allows you to manage up to 998 shows from a single copy of the software.
  2. Source of Orders
    You have the ability to track your order by its source.  Phone, Walk-in, Web, Electronic, Commissioned Agent, Obituary, Quote, Reminder Letter or Card…
    These are just some of the sources you can track and generate reports on.
  3. Commissioned Agents*
    If your order is generated due to the efforts of an outside (or inside) agent, flowerSoft allows you to track those order as well as to generate commission statements for those agents each month.  Examples of commissioned agents are funeral home managers, wedding consultants, hotel concierges, etc., etc.
  4. Quotation Program
    flowerSoft allows you to write a quote or proposal, submit it to a customer for approval, make any changes requested and then, when the customer approves your quote or proposal, convert it into a sale with a couple of keystrokes.  See tip #098
  5. 3 Different Loyalty Programs*
    You can entice your customer to order from you by offering up to 3 different customer loyalty programs.  See tip #75, #76 and #252
  6. Multiple Ways to Access Customer Accounts
    You can access your customer accounts by either account number which most of the time is their phone number, although it can also be an alpha-numeric account number (FSOFT2019), part of the account name (Simon, George), part of their “mailing” name (George Simon) or the account alias (GMAN).  See tip #004 and #065
  7. Up to 3 Different Phone Numbers per Account
    flowerSoft allows you to have up to 3 different phone number for each account and generate the account number from any one of them.
  8. Multiple and Distinct Account Numbers From 1 Phone Number*
    In cases when several members of one company (or family) want to open separate and distinct accounts with you using just one phone number, flowerSoft allows you to have up to 998 separate account based on 1 phone number.
  9. Account Aliases*
    Many times you recognize the voice and remember the first name of good customers that call you often to place orders.  However, it cam get a little embarrassing if you have to constantly ask for their account number or the spelling of their last name.  For those good customers, flowerSoft offers you the ability to enter a word you in the Account Number field that you find easy to associate with the customer.  The word or combination of letters and numbers can be up to 10 characters long and it is know as the account alias.  For example, you can give my account the alias of GMAN.  When you enter GMAN in the account number field, flowerSoft will translate it into my account number and provide all the pertinent account information.  The only restriction with account aliases is that they must be unique.  In other words, you cannot have 2 different accounts with the same alias.
    See tip #004
  10. Account Name Flexibility
    The account name is usually in the format of Last Name, First Name.  For example, Simon, George.  If for whatever reason, you decide to skip the Account Number field and enter the account name instead, flowerSoft will let you enter it as either Last Name, First Name or First Name Last Name.  For example, in the Account Name field you can enter my name as either Simon, George or George Simon.

    Either way you enter it, flowerSoft will find the account.
  11. Complete List of US and Canadian Zip Codes*
    When you get to the customer’s or recipient’s address City field, flowerSoft will first ask you if you know the zip code.  If you enter a zip code that flowerSoft finds in its database, it will fill the City and State fields automatically.  In the rare cases when a new zip code is entered, flowerSoft will ask you it should be added to the database.
  12. “Default” Orders.*
    For businesses like real state agents, that order basically the same thing frm you each time they place an order, you can set up “default” orders.  A “default” order will automatically fill most of the order information for you, but still allowing you to change only the information that is different, such as the recipient’s name, order date, delivery date, etc., etc.
  13. Quick Cash & Carry Sales*
    With walk-in customers, where there is no delivery and you do not need to keep the customer’s information, you can enter the order as a cash & carry sale.  A cash & carry sale requires very little input from you.  Basically just the item(s) being sold and the method of payment.
  14. “Cash Register” Function*
    flowerSoft offers another very quick way of entering cash & carry orders via the “cash register” function.  This function can be used when there is no need to keep track of the items being sold for inventory purposes.  It is similar to the olden days before computer came about, where you sold something, took the money from the customer and put it in cash register.  The difference is that these “cash register” orders are recorded (but not posted) in your computer at the time of entry.  They can all be posted as one sale at the end of the day, week, month or whenever you need to account for the monies received.  See tip #043
  15. Restricted Accounts*
    Some of you accounts may want to control who can or cannot order using their account.  For these cases, flowerSoft supplies you with the “authorized” names feature.  This feature allows you to enter names and passwords (if required) of those authorized to place orders for an account.

    If an account restricts who can place orders, flowerSoft will require that you enter a name in the Ordered By field.  It will the check that name against the list of names that are authorized.  If it finds the name, it will either ask you to enter their password if one is required and then continue with the order.  If the name if not found, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to add the name to the list of authorized names.  If you answer “yes’, you will need to enter the supervisor’s password.
    See tip #089
  16. Customer Notes
    You have the ability to add notes to a customer’s account.  The notes will be automatically displayed when the customer places an order.
  17. Order History*
    When customers who have previously placed orders with you, as soon as you bring up their account flowerSoft will provide you with a complete order history for their account.  You can use this order history to duplicate a previous order into the new order.
  18. Purchasing History*
    In addition to the order history, flowerSoft will also supply the purchasing history for the account.  Unlike the order history, the purchasing history shows the items the customer has previously purchased from you.  You can use this purchasing history to see what kind of flowers the customer likes and/or offer suggestions to the customer.  See tip #130
  19. Selling Suggestions*
    In order to provide your employees (especially new ones) with help while taking an order from a customer, flowerSoft allows you to create selling suggestions.  These suggestions are organized by specific occasions.   If a customer wants to place an order for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, you employee can hit a key and bring up a list of items they can suggest to the customer.  Based on the category of floral gift they want to send (arrangement, fruit & gourmet, plant, etc.) you employee can bring up a script that tells your employee what to tell your customer about the category they have chosen.  The scripts are totally customizable.
    See tip #061
  20. Sold By, Entered By, Designed By and Delivered By Initials*
    flowerSoft requires you during order-entry to enter the initials of the employee that sold the order and the one that entered the order.  These initials must exist in the employee file or flowerSoft will not let you continue.  After the order is entered, if you use the “design bench” feature, flowerSoft will require you to enter the designer’s initials and if you use the route & receipt feature or use the log in deliveries feature, flowerSoft will ask you for the initials of the person who made the delivery.  See tip #034
  21. Item Codes List*
    A complete list of item codes is provided.  The list can be altered to suit your needs.
    If you use item codes when entering an order, you will be able to generate reports on the items sold as well as keep inventory of the items if you are so inclined.
    See tip #151 and #150
  22. Find Recipients by Phone Number, Name or Alias*
    You have the ability to find a recipient by their phone number if you have delivered to them previously, their name or their alias.  Unlike the customer aliases, where you can have only one alias for you entire database, recipient alias can be duplicated as long as they are for different customer accounts.
    See tip #038, #039 and #040
  23. Frequently Used Addresses*
    flowerSoft allows you to define shortcuts for addresses that you deliver to on a regular basis, such as funeral homes, churches, etc.
    See tip #038, #039 and #040
  24. Customer’s Recipient History*
    flowerSoft keeps a list for each one of your customers of all the recipient they have ever sent flowers to.   The list displays the delivery date, invoice # and occasion for each recipient.  You can set a recipient’s alias from this list.  See tip #046
  25. Recipient Notes*
    Just like the customer notes, flowerSoft allows you to keep notes on each one of your recipients.  The notes are displayed as soon as the name of the recipient is
    —————————————————–12/26/2018 —————————————————–
  26. Short and Long Invoices*
    The normal flowerSoft invoice lets you enter up to 5 line items.  That number of lines will be sufficient to cover approximately 99% of the orders you enter during you day to day operations.  That number of lines allows flowerSoft to print on just about any POS form available from John Henry and others.
    However, there will be times when you will need more than 5 line items on an invoice.  For those times, flowerSoft offers you the “long” invoice feature.  The “long” invoice allows you to enter up to 9,999 line items per invoice.  These “long” invoices will print 1 line on your standard POS form showing the total amount of the order and the “detail” lines on plain 8½ x 11 paper.
  27. Line Item Discounts*
    flowerSoft lets you apply 3 different type of line item discounts
    The reserved item codes used for line item discounts are  DISC1, DISC2 and DISC3
    After you enter at least one product line, it lets you apply discounts to either all the items on a long invoice, the item directly above the discount line or all the items below the previous discount, if any.
    You can also apply a discount to the entire long invoice before you start entering any items but it cannot be done using one of the DISC codes.  You have to use a different option (hitting the F9) key, to set or change the default long invoice discount.  See tip #055
  28. Designer Instructions*
    On local orders, if your customer has some specific instructions, you can enter enter those instructions while you are entering the order.  They will print along with the with the work order and/or be displayed on the screen for the designer to see.  Example, order has to be delivered today and you do not have some of the flowers  needed.  You can tell the designer to substitute those flowers with similar one you do have.  On outgoing orders, the instructions will be sent along with the order to the filling florist.  See tip #183
  29. Driver Instructions*
    Similar to the designer instructions, you can add messages to the driver that will print on the delivery panel of the invoice.  Example, “If not home, leave with neighbor on right side of their house.”  See tip #299
  30. Display Image of What the Arrangement Should Look Like
    If you are using an item code, your own or a wire service, and you have an image of the item associated with that code, you can bring up that image by just hitting one key.  That image can be used by the designer or by you to describe or show your customer what the finished product will look like.
  31. Upsells*
    If you select to do so in your system defaults, flowerSoft will prompt your clerks to ask your customer if they would line to add something to the order, like balloons or a box of chocolates,  See tip #095
  32. Help in Eliminating Below Average Orders*
    Once your customer information is entered, assuming it is not a new customer, flowerSoft will display they spend, on average, for product only.  This will help you and your clerks to suggest a floral gift or arrangement for at least that amount of money and not offer choices below that.  See tip #186
  33. Address Verification
    Once a recipient address is entered, you can verify the address by just hitting one key.  See tip #024
  34. Delivery Instruction Codes*
    flowerSoft allows you to define delivery instruction codes.  These codes are like shorthand instructions to help your driver with the delivery of the orders. Examples, “You are delivering to a concierge or church or school, etc., etc. 
  35. Long and Short Enclosure Cards*
    90 to 95% of enclosure cards fit within 225 characters, but on certain occasion you will need more than that.  For those cases, flowerSoft will switch to a long card, which allows up to 400 characters.  Both long and short cards will fit nicely on you invoice forms.
  36. Multiple Enclosure Cards*
    If no “long” cards will be needed, flowerSoft will give you the ability to have up to 3 separate enclosure cards per order.
  37. On-Demand Card Spell Checker
    You can hit a key and have flowerSoft spellcheck the enclosure card for you.
  38. Card Signatures*
    One of flowerSoft’s best loved features by florists with corporate accounts is the card signature feature.  If one of your best customers is a law firm by the name of Wahn, Mayer, Smith, Creber, Lyons, Torrance & Stevenson LLC or Ziffren, Brittenham, Branca, Fischer, Gilbert-Lurie, Stiffelman, Cook, Johnson, Lande & Wolf and they always signed ttheir cards that way, you would love this feature also.  See tip #011
  39. Default Holiday Delivery Date and Enclosure Card Sentiment*
    In an effort to speed up order entry during holidays, flowerSoft allows you to set a default delivery date and an enclosure card sentiment.  Example, in preparation for the next Valentine’s holiday you can set a default delivery date of 02/13/2019 and a default enclosure card sentiment of “Happy Valentine’s Day!” for any order taken between let’s say 02/01/2019 and 02/14/2019.  See tip #283
  40. Easy to Change Delivery Date*
    Once in the Delivery Date field, flowerSoft will let you enter the delivery date by just entering the first 2 letters of the day instead of the actual date.  Example, “mo” will give you the date on which the next Monday falls on.  The same goes for tu, we, th, fr, sa and su.  You can even precede those 2-letter sets with an “N”, like “nmo” or “nfr” and flowerSoft will make the delivery date a week from the next Monday or Friday.  Not recommended, since it is probably easier to bring up the on-demand calendar (see item 41 below), but you can precede those 2-character sets with up to 8 consecutive “N”s, like NNNNNNNNmo or NNNNNNNNfr and flowerSoft will translate it to the correct date.  See tip #045
  41. On Demand Calendar*
    If a customer requests a delivery date like next Tuesday, and you don’t know which date that is, you can bring up a 3-month calendar, highlight the date and flowerSoft will use that date as the delivery date.  See tip #044
  42. Price Points*
    flowerSoft let’s set up to 4 different prices for the same item in your database.  
    A “Minimum” Price, a “Standard” price, a “Better” price and a “Premium” price.
    If you use this feature, all 4 prices will be available during order entry.  flowerSoft will not let you sell the item for less than the minimum price.  If no minimum price is entered, the “Standard” price will be copied to the “Minimum” price.  See tip #140
  43. Recipient Confirmation*
    When entering the Deliver To field, flowerSoft will first ask you for the recipient’s phone number, something you always need to get, and try to match that number with its own list of previous recipients and customer.  If that fails, it will then do a reverse phone lookup and try to find it that way.
    Should the number match a database entry or is found through a reverse phone lookup,, flowerSoft will automatically display the “Deliver To” information and ask you to verify with the customer that the address is still correct.  See tips #058 and #078
  44. Multiple Phone Numbers for Recipient.
    flowerSoft allows you to enter 2 different phone numbers for each recipient, a main number and an alternate number.
  45. Enclosure Card Sentiment*
    Even though flowerSoft comes with dozens of enclosure card sentiment codes, you can add more if you like or change the ones flowerSoft comes with.
    One thing you should keep in mind if you add your own, is to use the option to add an Occasion for each code especially if that codes is used for birthday, anniversary or holiday occasions as the content of the Occasion field is very important when sending occasion reminders.
    You can define as many enclosure card codes as you want, or change the wording on the existing ones or delete the ones you won’t use.
    If you do make changes to codes like HP for Happy Birthday or HA for Happy Anniversary, remember to keep the occasion the same.  If you enter new codes, try to add an occasion if possible.
  46. Choice of Enclosure Card Format Styles*
    You can set flowerSoft to capitalized the first letter of every word or capitalize every word in the enclosure card message or have flowerSoft accept whatever capitalization you decide to use.
  47. Delivery Zones*
    You can define as many delivery zones as you need to and associate a delivery charge for each one if you want.  See tips #141, #142 and #143
  48. Fuel Surcharge*One of the elements that determine your delivery charge is the price of gas.
    If the price of gas goes up significantly, you might be losing money on your deliveries. flowerSoft lets you set the price per gallon you base your delivery charge on and if the price of gas goes up, flowerSoft will alert you and ask you if you want to change your delivery charge.  See tip #067
  49. Delivery Surcharges*
    You can set up delivery surcharges for areas that are difficult to deliver to.
  50. Adjusting the Order Total*
    flowerSoft lets you adjust the total of an order by manipulating the product prices.  Example, the total of an order comes to $57.35 but your customer says all they have on them in $55 in cash.  If you want, you can have flowerSoft manipulate the product amounts to make the invoice total $55.00.  See tip #010
    —————————————————–12/28/2018 —————————————————–
  51. Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Hospitals Database*
    flowerSoft comes with a comprehensive list of Funeral Homes, Cemeteries and Hospitals for all the United States.  The entries can be searched by Name, City or Zip Code.  Entries not in the database can be easily added to it.  See tips #002 and #037
  52. Duplicate Account Prevention*
    flowerSoft will also help you prevent having the same account under different account numbers.  When you enter a new customer account into flowerSoft, it will check your entry against the customer database.  It if finds a very similar account (same name and address) it will alert you and let you choose between still adding a new account or using the one already in the system.  See tip #008
  53. Duplicate Account Elimination*
    Even in cases where you unintentionally enter the same account under different account numbers, flowerSoft gives you a way to merge the two account into one.
    See tip #007
  54. Automatic Discounts
    Most florists have accounts that they extends discounts to.  Although FlowerSoft lets you apply a discount to an order once you get to a certain place in the order, you or your clerks can forget to apply the discount.  flowerSoft offers you a way to set up automatic discounts for come of your customer, therefore avoiding that problem.  See tip #009
  55. Adjusting the Order Total*
    Most of you have had this experience.  A customer walks into your shop and orders something that will cost, including tax and delivery, $103.75.  When it comes time to pay, they want to pay you in cash but tell you the only have $101.80 with them.
    What do you do?  Tell the customer “Sorry, that is price.” or
    “Give me a credit card then.” and run the risk of the customer walking out and you losing the sale.  Or, you just take the cash and be “short” on your register $1.95?
    If you decide to give that customer a pass and take the $101.80 as full payment, flowerSoft gives you a way to make the total of the order come up to exactly that amount.  See tip #010
  56. Alternate Addresses*
    If you are up north, you may have some customers that spend an extended period of time in the warmer areas of the country, such as Florida or California.
    This can present a problem for you if they make purchases just before going away or after going away, if you have to send them invoices or statements.  Not with flowerSoft, since it allows you to have multiple addresses for each account.
    See tip #013.
  57. E-Mail Order and Delivery Confirmations*
    Although I am sure flowerSoft is not the only program that allows you to send order and delivery confirmations to your customers, it is probably the only one that allows you to:
    A) Have as many e-mail addresses for an account as you want.
    B) Send an e-mail to all of the email addresses on file or just any one of them.
    C) Attach pictures of your completed arrangements to the emails
    D) Send the e-mails, including pictures, as text messages to a cell phone.
  58. Occasion Reminders*
    If you choose to, flowerSoft will send letter, post cards or e-mails to customers who have placed an order with either a “Birthday”, “Anniversary” or “Holiday” occasion.
    Also, if the customer happens to place an order within a month of one of his or her “occasions”, flowerSoft will alert the clerk about the event on the screen.
    See tip #006
  59. Ability to Easily Change an Account Number
    Sometimes your customers get a new phone number and although you can always find a customer through their account name, it is advisable to have their account number based on one of their 3 available phone numbers.  See tip #007
  60. Void or Reverse Orders
    flowerSoft lets you void orders placed on the same day or reverse orders placed on a different day.  Orders with an “ON ACCOUNT” method of payment should always be voided if the monthly statement has not been generated yet.  See tip #016
  61. Shortcut Keys*
    From order entry alone, flowerSoft gives you over 50 operations you can access by simply hitting one key.  Thins like look at deliveries scheduled for today, access an appointment calendar, display standing orders coming up, etc., etc.
  62. Ability to Display Foreign Characters in the Card Message Fields*
    If you need to type foreign characters like ¿, á, ñ, £, etc., etc., flowerSoft lets you do it by just holding down the Shift and Tab keys.  You must be using enclosure care format #2.  See tip #028
  63. Minimum Order Amounts*
    flowerSoft lets you know if the dozen red roses your customer wants to send for Valentine’s Day to her girlfriend in Staten Island, NY is enough to cover it.
    See tip #027
  64. Holiday Occasions*
    If you send occasion reminders for a month that has more than one holiday in it, how do you know which “holiday” the customer purchased for in the previous year?  See tips #30, #31 and #32
  65. Recording Who Designed the Order.
    If you have several designers, flowerSoft offers you an easy way to record who designed which order.  See tip #034
  66. Single-Keystroke for Many Different Actions From New Orders Menu*
    You are not limited to using one of the seven available options from the New Orders menu.  You can enter ON ACCOUNT payments, look at your deliveries for today, access an appointment calendar, plus many other things. See tip #035
  67. Single-Keystroke for Many Different Actions From Viewing Existing Orders*
    flowerSoft offers you many actions by just pressing one key while viewing an order.
    See tip #034
  68. 3-Month Calendar and Delivery Date Shortcuts*
    When you get to the delivery field, flowerSoft allows you to display and select a date from a 3-month calendar or use a date shortcut like NNMO to get the date for 2 weeks from Monday.  See Tips #044 and #045
  69. The Data Duplicating Function Key*
    If a customer calls you wanting to place several orders at one time, after you enter the first order, flowerSoft gives you a way to duplicate like-data like the account number, enclosure card or anything else that does not change from the previous order you entered.  See tip #042
  70. “Cash Register” Mode*
    It behaves exactly like your grandpa’s old cash register.  See tip #043
  71. Recipient History*
    Not only does flowerSoft remembers everyone you’ve delivered to but it also remembers who your customers have sent flowers to.  See tip #046
  72. “Default” Orders*
    Do you have customers that always order basically the same thing?  See tip #047
  73. Ability to “Suspend” an Order*
    You’ve entered most of an order but now the customer has to call you back with some missing information.  It might take him a little while.  What do you do, cancel the order and start over when he calls back?  Not if you use flowerSoft.  See tip #050
  74. The Order Map*
    flowerSoft guides you and your employees through the order-taking process in a logical manner. It does give you a couple of choices on the sequence of events.  For example, some florists like to enter the recipient information first, while others want to know what the occasion for the floral gift is first.  Yet other may want to enter the customer’s information first.  You just have to tell flowerSoft which is your preferred sequence of events.
    However, if a change needs to be made to a previous field in the order-taking process, with over 165 fields (pieces of information) available for each order, it may sometimes be difficult to navigate to the correct field with ease.  For those occasions, flowerSoft gives you the simplicity of the order map.
    Hit one key (F3) and flowerSoft displays a map of the order.  Hit another key (1-9) and flowerSoft takes you to the area where the firld you want to modify is located.
    See tip #051
  75. Advertising Sources*
    You may be spending a considerable amount of your money advertising your shop, but do you really know if it is paying off?  flowerSoft helps you figure that out with its advertisement source field.  See tip #063
    —————————————————–01/06/2019 —————————————————–
  76. Find Recipients by Name or Phone Number
  77. Enclosure Card Shortcuts Generate Order’s Occasion*
    When used, enclosure card shortcuts will automatically generate the occasion for the order.  For example:
    HB  = Happy Birthday = Birthday
    HA = Happy Anniversary! = Anniversary
    WDS=With Deepest Sympathy = Sympathy
  78. Timed Deliveries
  79. Enter or Scan Item Codes
  80. Promote Different Items for Sale Each Day
  81. “Preferred” Accounts
  82. Purchasing History -Year-to-Date, Previous Year and Last 12 Months
  83. “Sold By”, “Entered By”, “Designed By” and “Delivered By” Statistics.
  84. Obituary List
  85. Alternate Address and Phone Number for Recipients
  86. Driver Instructions on Each Order
  87. 3-Month Calendar for Delivery Dates
  88. Delivery Date Shortcuts
  89. Alternate Delivery Dates
  90. Selling Suggestions
  91. Designer Instructions
  92. Delivery Charges by Delivery Zones
  93. Discount Coupons
  94. Automatic Service Charges
  95. Up to 4 Different Sales Tax Rates 
  96. Gas Price Surcharge*
  97. 15 different Methods of Payment*
  98. Order Insurance*
  99. Appointment Calendar
  100. Reminders*
    —————————————————–01/29/2019 —————————————————–

Tip #304 – The Letter “Q”

Tip #304 – The Letter “Q”
Part I

Recently, it was brought to my attention that sometimes during order entry, it would be nice to have access to some of flowerSoft search options without having to exit the order-entry program.
Although you could do that by simply opening another instance of the flowerSoft program, all the popular search options are not all together in one menu.

So, in flowerSoft 2019, hitting the letter “Q” from 2 different locations, will give you access to the “Quick Search” programs.
The two different places you can hit “Q” from and access the “Quick Search Programs” menu are…

The “New Orders” menu.  Instead of hitting a number or X, just hit the letter “Q”.


The second place is from the “order map” screen that is accessible via the F3 key.


Hitting “Q” from either of these locations, will give you access to the “Quick Search Programs” menu…


Currently, the “Quick Search Programs” menu give you access to 5 different search options.  The number and type of options may change in the future, if I get feedback from flowerSoft users as to which searches would be more or at least equally useful to have.

The first option is the “Florist Finder” option.
Selecting this option gives you access to 4 different ways to search for a “filling” florist.
City served, zip code served, wire service code (not sure how useful this one will be) and florist name.


Let’s take “City Served” first.


flowerSoft will open an input field for you to enter the name of the city you want to find a florist in.

At this point, I should let you know that you do not have to enter the entire “value” of a field in any or most of the search options.  You can just enter part of the value.
For example, if you are looking for “filling” florists in Staten Island, you can just enter “Staten” or “Stat” or even just “S”, keeping in mind that the more of the value you enter, the more accurate the results will be.
Entering just “Staten” in the field name will bring up florists only in Staten Island because there are no other cities whose name start with those letters (s-t-a-t-e-n).
However, entering “Sta” will bring up florists in “Staatsburg”, “Stacyville”, “Stafford” “Stahlstown”, “Stallings”, “Stamford”, and any other cities whose first 3 letters are “sta”.

Since I am pretty sure I know how to spell “Staten Island”, I am going to enter the full name so that I won’t get florist in other cities.
Now flowerSoft wants to know if I want to know all the florists in Staten Island or just those belonging to a specific wire service…


Notice that you have the option of leaving the wire service field blank, in which case you will get all the florists serving Staten Island.  However, I am going to enter “Teleflora” as the wire service I want.
flowerSoft will then display all the florists belonging to Teleflora in Staten Island.


At the bottom of the screen you will notice 3 options.
The first one is to view the highlighted florist’s record…


An even more useful function, I think, is to hit “M” to view the minimum product amounts in Staten Island.  Let’s see what happens when we hit “M”…


flowerSoft will now display the different product categories with the lowest prices found for each category, along with the name of the Teleflora shop offering the lowest price.
If for any reason you do not want to use that shop, you can highlight the product category you want,, say “Blooming Plant” and then hit “V” to view other shop’s prices for that category.


So there you have it.  All the options you have when looking for a “filling” florist when you are at the “New Orders” menu or already in the order-taking process.

On a future post, we will investigate the “Customer Search” program.







If You Need a New Printer…

If your old flowerSoft printer dies and you need a new printer, I suggest you get a re-furbished one from e-Bay.
Nowadays, more and more printers are being build to make them as inexpensive as possible.  Unfortunately, those printers (host-based) do not work with flowerSoft.

For a printer to work with flowerSoft, it cannot be host-nased.  That usually means that they will also work with computers running Linux, Unix and/or Apples.

However, those printers cost considerably more than the cheap host-based printers.
If you do not want to spend the money a new non host-based printer will cost, I suggest you go to e-Bay and get a re-furbished one.
If you get them from a reputable dealer, those printers are very inexpensive and althogh not new, they look almost new.

I had an HP-4050 for over 20 years. Unfortunately, during an office move, my son drop it and it stopped working.  I liked that printer so much I went to e-bay looking for a re-furbished one and found several of them.  I picked a supplier and got my printer about 2 months ago and if I did not know better I would swear it was new.

Keep in mind that when I bought my original one, it cost me over $1,000 and only because I bought it from a friend of mine that was a dealer and gave it to me for his cost.
I paid less than $150 for the one I bought 2 months ago.

I have had several flowerSoft shops buy this re-furbished model from e-Bay and they all love it so far.  Today, one shop told me they got one for less than $100 with a 1 year warrantee!

Of course, you are always taking a chance when you buy a re-furbished printer but if you buy from a reputable dealer, you could save lots of $$$.