Small Business Saturday is Nov, 24th!

Here is an article you might have received from Cayan but failed to read.
It is full of good suggestions.  I have added my own comments if something they suggest is easily accomplished with flowerSoft 2019.


As a company that serves local business owners and customers, we’re proud to join with American Express® to support Small Business Saturday® this Nov 24. 

Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express in 2010 to help strengthen local economies. Today, it’s a holiday shopping tradition and part of a nationwide Shop Small® Movement dedicated to uniting communities and supporting all kinds of small businesses. From the corner store to your favorite diner to a trendy online boutique, it’s unique small businesses like yours that help local communities stay vibrant.

Participating in Small Business Saturday is a great way to reach new customers and promote your business. We want to help you drive transactions on Small Business Saturday, and every day. From the moment a customer enters your store, to the moment they reach point of sale, here are some ideas to make the most of every interaction and transaction with all of your customers:

Make the most of your window.

When someone walks by your business what do they see? Is your storefront presentable? Have you cleaned your windows and entryway? Do you have a creative and inviting display or signage? And if so, what are you telling people? Are your offers compelling and easy to understand? Chances are, there will be plenty of foot traffic outside your store on Small Business Saturday. Make sure you take every step to give someone a reason to stop in. For great ideas and to download free promotional materials visit

Be sidewalk-sale ready.

On Small Business Saturday, many towns across the US set up community sidewalk sales. They’re a great way to create a festive atmosphere and more importantly, they get shoppers interested and into a store. One way to take a sidewalk sale to the next level is by having a mobile payment device or POS solution that can accept payments right when and where someone finds something they like. These solutions have become very affordable and easy to use and can help you turn browsers into buyers. Contact your local chamber of commerce to see how your business can participate in Small Business Saturday events and promotions.

Make an entrance.

When someone comes into your store, put them in the shopping mood by prominently displaying your best-selling, most affordable products. If they grab something, they’ll be in the right mindset to browse more, and buy more.

Surprise and delight your shoppers.

Small Business Saturday is all about promoting our local shops. It’s a celebration of the businesses that make up our communities. When someone steps into your business, be a part of that celebration with a simple, yet effective surprise like light refreshments and snacks – or if it makes sense, a free sample of your offering. Your shoppers will feel welcome and even more encouraged to shop with you.

Another interesting way to surprise and delight your shoppers is by offering one-time, surprise promotions or coupons at check out.
If you have a smart point-of-sale system you can even set up prompts that remind employees about special deals at checkout. (flowerSoft can do this for you.)
The right merchant solution can also facilitate special offers for online purchases. Surprising and delighting shoppers is a great way to boost word-of-mouth promotion and customer satisfaction.

Talk up your best (and worst) sellers.

Before Small Business Saturday starts be sure to let people know about the amazing deals you’ll be offering on the big day. That means understanding your “hot-sellers” that people will be coming in for and your “not-so-hot sellers” that you’ll want to move when they’re shopping your store. And if you have really good sales data you can use insights to figure out the best price points for sales of your best sellers and clearance deals on the worst selling products. (flowerSoft can also do this for you)

Up-sell and cross-sell.

Up-selling and cross-selling are obvious sales tactics, but they are executed best when you’re actually helping customers with your suggestions. If you have a strong understanding of your inventory along with sales data about what items are frequently purchased together you can go beyond selling and become really helpful to customers.  And if you have employees, coach them up on how to spot opportunities to offer up helpful add-on purchase suggestions, and how to listen for customer queues that they might need complementary products.
(flowerSoft offers you an easy way to up-sell, see Tip #095 and Tip #196)

Get your name out there.

If you accept American Express® Cards, your business could get recommended to potential customers. In 2017, over 15 million people received recommendations on where
to shop.* Learn more here.

Now that you’ve got some quick tips, be sure to use them and make the most of Small Business Saturday. Check out more ways you can promote your business on Small Business Saturday right here. And if you’d like to learn how you can gain insights into your business to help you make smarter decisions and run your operation better, get in touch today.

Join us this Nov 24 to celebrate Small Business Saturday.

*Based on an analysis of American Express merchant recommendations in 2017.

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