Cayan Gateway Outage – Suggestions

As the Cayan Gateway outage continues as of 11:00am, I have a couple of suggestions on how you may manage to get through this difficult time.

First, if you know a new customer is going to pay using a credit card, instead of selecting credit card as the method of payment, select prepaid as the method of payment.  Yhen, answer “N”o to the question about recording the approval and token numbers.

After you do that and flowerSoft takes you to the end of the order, where it asks you if you have any corrections, hit to add a memo to the order.

When the memo screen comes up, record the credit card number, the expiration date and the security number (usually 3 or 4 digits) as well as the name on the card.

When Cayan Gateway comes back up, you can go to Edit or View Existing Orders  and select index L – M.O.P.  Then enter PREPAID as the method of payment and today’s date.
All the orders you have marked as prepaid will come up, at which point you can get the credit card approval by either updating the order and going to the method of payment or hitting “A” and then “6” without updating the order.

I will update this post with pictures shortly.

Cayan Gateway is back Up!

Just in case this happens again in the future, below are the pictures describing the steps to be taken shown above.


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