It Has Come to My Attention…

It has come to my attention that it is possible to start an order as a cash & carry order (999.000) and then, if a customer changes his or her mind and wants the order to be delivered or the clerk selected the wrong order type for the order, that a recipient’s name could be entered, a credit card approval obtained and the order saved without having a valid account number.

So, in the latest flowerSoft version, which you may or may not have yet, a cash & carry order (indicated by a 999.000 in the account number field) must have either “Taken ” and “Pick Up ” (notice the space after the n and the p) as the first word(s) in the field.
Anything else will trigger this response from flowerSoft…


Note that you can have other words after “Taken ” and “Pick Up “.
For example, you can have “Taken – George Simon” or “Pick Up – George Simon”

You cannot have wording like “George Simon, Taken” or “Picked Up by George Simon”

If you can think of another condition where a cash & carry order must have a different word or words in the recipient’s field, please let me know/

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