Tip #303 – Freezing an Account

Tip #303
Freezing an Account
(New Feature of flowerSoft 2019)

You all should know that if a “house” account does not pay you in a timely fashion,  you can “suspend” that account thus preventing them from making purchases using the ON ACCOUNT method of payment without a supervisor’s password being entered.  They can make purchases using any of the other methods of payment but not with the ON ACCOUNT method of payment.

You can also “clear” an account, which gets rid of all their transaction, and then you can delete the account from your system.  This action has the disadvantage of losing all the history on the account.  It will be as if it never existed.

However, it was brought to my attention that sometimes you don’t want an account to be able to make purchases of any kind, but you also do not want to lose all the history for that account either.
For example, a company may have several corporate accounts with you that employees use (almost as if they were personal accounts) in the course of doing business for the company.  The employee makes the purchases but the company pays for them.

If one of such employees happens to leave the company, they might not want him or her to be able to charge purchases using their corporate account.

For those and similar cases, we now have the option to “freeze” and account.

Freezing an account prevents it from making any purchases using any type of payment.
Literally, the account is “frozen” as far as making purchases is concerned.  Payment on account can still be accepted for “frozen” accounts.

Here is how to “freeze” and account:


Bring up the account and hit “F” to display those options.


flowerSoft will ask for confirmation.


A supervisor’s password will be required.


Account is now “frozen”.


The next time you bring the account up, flowerSoft will inform you that it is frozen and show you only the options allowed for a “frozen” account.
To “un-freeze” the account, you hit “F” again and enter the supervisor’s password.


If someone tries to enter an order using that account number, they will be informed that the account is “frozen” and cannot be used.


As stated previously, you will still be able to take payments for “frozen” accounts and any other actions flowerSoft allows except entering a new order using that account number.

If you have any concern about using this new feature, please let me know.



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