Tip #302 – 2 Ways to Export Your E-Mail Addresses

Tip #302
2 Ways to Export Your E-Mail Addresses

Some of you have had some problems understanding how to export your customer’s email addresses to a .csv file, which can then be sent to an outside outfit that generates your promotional mailings.

Here are the 2 different ways to accomplish this.

The first option

The first option is accessed from the Manager’s menu, Client Operations, Page 2.
See the screen shots below…






The default on this question is “No” because to get gut results you must have calculated the YTD purchases for your customers before running this option.  If you have, then you can answer “Yes” and then tell flowerSoft how many of your best customers you want to export the email addresses for.


Here, flowerSoft is asking you to enter a date.  This date determines whether an email address will be exported or not.  To be exported, an email address must have been obtained on or after the date entered.


If you just want the email address for a specific account type, answer “Yes” and then enter the account type you want.  Otherwise, just answer “No” to get all account types.


Here flowerSoft wants to know the name you want to give to the .csv file that will be created with the email addresses that will be exported.  The choice is yours, but you are limited to 24 characters.


Now flowerSoft wants to know if the name you chose is OK.


If you are OK with the name you gave the .csv file, flowerSoft will ask you where you want to store that file.  This is called the PATH to the file and it is very important because you will need to know it later on so that you can retrieve the .csv file and send it to the company that is doing your email marketing.
If you are not particular about where to store the file, you can accept flowerSoft’s default location of \FSROOT\EMAILS\ADDRESSES\ by simply leaving the path field blank.
The drive letter, C:, N:, M:, S: is determined by the drive where your flowerSoft program is installed.


When flowerSoft is finished exporting the email addresses, it will ask you if you want to see the addresses exported.  If you answer “Yes” you must have Excel installed in the computer you ran this option from.

The identical program as shown above can also be accessed from the Manager’s menu, Marketing menu





The second option

The second exporting option is also accessed from the Manager’s menu, Utilities option.
This option is easier to use but less flexible, as the only things you have control over is the name of the .csv file and what date to start from.





This is the only thing you have control over, the name of the .csv file.



Once you give your OK to the name of the .csv file, flowerSoft will tell you where it is going to place it.


This is the only other thing you have control over.
If you do not want all the email addresses on file to be exported, you can tell flowerSoft what date do you want to start from.





So there you have it.
Option 1 is more flexible than option 2 because it lets you pick the location where the file will be installed and lets you export emails by customer rank (think Christmas gift for your best customers) and you can limit the exported email to one type of account, for example “commercial” accounts only.
It is harder to use because if you do not want to accept the default PATH to the file, you have to enter your own and then remember where you put it.

Option 2 is definitely easier to use as you know the file will always be placed in the \FSROOT\EMAIL\ADDRESSES\ folder.

























The second way and easiest method (but less flexible) is to use the option found in the Manager’s menu, Client Operations, Page #2.




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