New Features Available Now in flowerSoft

New Features Available Now in flowerSoft

The following features are now available in flowerSoft but probably not on your version.
If you want these new features, just let me know and I will update your system.

  1. Send Order and Delivery confirmations to a customer’s cell phone in addition to his e-mail address.
  2. Send occasion reminders to a customer’s cell phone in addition to his or her e-mail address.
  3. If you do not want fowerSoft to ask you about the wireless carrier gateway for a cell phone you’ve entered, make sure that in your “Defaults” file you have these 2 options set to “N”.
  4. Similar to the “order map” you get when hitting the F3 key while entering an order, now there is a “record map” you can get by hitting F3 while in a customer’s profile record.record_map
    Hitting the number by the field name will take you directly to that field.  This will help you cut down on the number of times you have to hit the [Enter] key to get to the field you want to go to.
    For example, if after pressing “U” to update, you want to go to the “Remarks” field, hit the F3 key and when this screen is displayed, hit the number “8” to jump to that field immediately.

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