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If You Have Any of These…

If You Have Any of These…

If you have any computers running Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 8, Windows has support for TLS 1.2 but it is disabled by default and you might need to enable it.  Here is how…

Internet Explorer


The following window should appear… click on Internet options


Now this window will pop up…click on Advanced


Next, this window will display…


Scroll to the bottom of the window and make sure the “Use TLS 1.2” option is checked.
If it is not, check it.

After you are done, close the windows by hitting the red “x”.
That is all you have to do.

If you use Chrome as your web browser, the use of TLS 1.2 should be automatic.
I don’t think there is a way for you to set that option.

Of course, you also have to have flowerSoft’s latest version of the credit card approval program.