Tip #298 – The “B” and “C” Options

Tip #298
The “B” and “C” Options

This tip will cover 2 letters because there aren’t many options associated with them.
Let’s take a look at what is available.

The “B” Option


When looking at an existing order, the only thing the letter “B” lets you do is “browse” a list of other existing orders.
I found the record above by using the invoice number index, so if at this point I happen to hit the letter “B”, flowerSoft will display the following list of orders sorted by invoice number…


Note that the order you were looking at, invoice # 95527 is at the top of the list.
The list will display 18 orders at time.
Here is a tip that is not documented and one that most of you are not aware of.
If while in a “browse” view such as the one shown above, you can hit the letter “B” to jump to the bottom-most record on the list…


Likewise, if you are at the bottom of the list or anywhere in that neighborhood, you can hit “T” and have the highlight jump to the top record on the list.


The highlight does not have to be at the top or bottom of the list for this feature to work.
No matter where the highlight is on the list, hitting “B” will take you to the bottom-most record on the list.  Hitting “T” from anywhere on the list will likewise take you the top-most record.

The other options available from the “browse” list are all documented at the bottom of the screen.
Hitting “U” will put the highlighted record in “update” mode, just as if you had hit “U” from the full-view screen shown at the top of this tip.

Some other options you are likely to use are:

  1. Hitting the “Enter” key to select the record and bring it into full view.
  2. Hitting “S” to select a “selection” set.
    This option requires a bit of understanding of how selection sets work, so I won’t go into how to write one.
    One of the options you will see at the bottom is “L-Load” and hitting the letter “L” will display a list of the pre-loaded selection sets.
    flowerSoft comes pre-loaded with some selection sets and I will get into how to load them and modify them in a future post.
    For now, stay away from this option and use the provided indexes to find records.
  3. Hitting “Z” to start a “Fuzzy” search.  Too complicated to explain.
    Stay away from this option.
  4. Hitting  “R” to Reset.  Stay away from this option also, it won’t be of much help to you.
  5. Hitting “C” for Continuous On.  This option could be of use sometimes.
    What is does is display pages of “browse” records continuously until you hit the letter “C” again.  So if you are browsing through the records of a very large account and want to get through some of the records quickly, you can hit the “C” key to start the scrolling list of records, and then “C” again to stop the list.
    The up and down arrows also control the direction in which the list will scroll.
  6. Hitting “F” for Format will allow you to change the fields that are displayed on the browse list.  I would also stay away from this option but if you don’t, at least do not save your changes because you will be stuck with that format in future browses.
  7. Hitting “H” to Hardcopy will send to your printer the list of records being displayed on the screen.
  8. Hitting “X” will of course take you out of the browse format and put you back into the index selection screen you first used to find the record(s).

That is all there is to know about the “B” option.

The “C” Option


The “C” option deals strictly with the enclosure card.
When you hit the letter “C”, flowerSoft displays the following screen…


The options available from this point are enumerated on the right-hand side of the screen.

The A. Auto-Fix Card will tell flowerSoft to try to fix the wording of a card that is not wrapped correctly between the available lines.  This usually only happens with incoming orders.

The E. Edit Card will allow you to fix the card just like if you had updated the order and gotten down to the card section.

The “P” option will allow you to print the enclosure card if you are using separate enclosure card forms.

The “S” option will allow you to spell-check the card.

The “C” option will allow you to change the occasion of the order.

“X” will of course get you out of this option and back to the order.

That is all there is for the “C” option.




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