Tip #297 – The Letter “A” and All Its Options

Tip #297
The Letter A and All Its Options


When you hit the letter “A” from outside an order, the following options will be displayed…


The first option, “1. Add/Update Again Record” you should have to use very seldom.
An “aging” record is a record of an invoice with an outstanding balance.  It could be for the full amount of the invoice or just a portion of it.
“Aging” records are only created for orders paid with an “ON ACCOUNT” method of payment.  “Aging” records are used to calculate a “house” account’s aging balances such as “current”, “30-days”, “60-days”, etc.
An “aging” record will have a date equal to the delivery date of the order.
“Aging” records are also used to display an account’s open invoices when you go to make a “payment on account” for the customer.
Once an invoice is paid in full, the “aging” record will be deleted, as it is no longer needed.
Very seldom you will need to use this feature and when you do, we will tell you to do so.
So for now, just forget about this option.

The second option, “2. Add or View Alt. Delivery Dates” does just what it says.
If an order has alternate delivery dates, it will display them or if it doesn’t, it will let you add them.
In case you don’t know about alternate delivery dates, flowerSoft gives the option to have a second and third alternate delivery dates for an order.  This comes in handy during the holiday rush.
When you are entering a new order and get to the “Delivery Time” field, you will notice that there is a prompt at the bottom of the screen that reads:
“F8-Alternate Delivery Dates”.

Tip 297-03

If you hit F8 while in the “Delivery Time” field, the following popup will appear:

tip 297-04

Just enter the dates for the alternate dates and you are all set.
By the way, while entering a new order, alternate delivery date fields also accept the day of the week abbreviations, just like the regular delivery date field does.  In other words, you can use MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA and SU in the fields and flowerSoft will translate it into the correct date for that day.  You can also precede the abbreviations with an “N” to indicate that you want “next” not “this” whichever day of the week.
After you enter your alternate delivery dates, flowerSoft will ask you for confirmation and save the alternate delivery dates.

tip 297-05

If an existing order already has alternate delivery dates, you can display those dates by hitting A and then 2 while looking at the order.

tip 297-06

If you need to change the date  or add an additional date, you can hit “U” and flowerSoft will put you in update mode.

tip 297-07

One thing to note, when updating or adding an alternate delivery date to an existing order, you must hit Esc to Record  it or Ctrl + C  to Cancel.

If when you hit A and 2 on an existing order that does not have an alternate delivery date, flowerSoft will respond with the following message:

tip 297-08

If you respond  “Yes” to the question, flowerSoft then will allow you to enter the alternate delivery date(s).

tip 297-09

If while viewing existing orders, you come across an order with alternate delivery dates that have not as yet passed, flowerSoft will display this message:

tip 297-10

However, that is all flowerSoft will do for you.
It will allow you to add alternate delivery dates to an order but it will not place the orders with alternate delivery dates on a route sheet for the alternate date or will not change the date on which a customer’s “house” account will be charged for the order.
To do that you need to change the original delivery date of the order, which flowerSoft also allows you to do from outside the order by pressing D + 7, but that is an option for a different letter and hence a different post.
OK, enough about alternate delivery dates.  Let’s move on to the next “A” option.

Option #3 will usually show as “Not Available” because is only used on orders that have either a credit card or prepaid method of payment and have no recorded approval and token numbers.


If the order has a credit card or prepaid method of payment and no approval or token numbers, then option #3 will become available.

Option #3. Add Approval & Token #

tip 297-11

This option will allow you to enter an approval and a token number for the order that is missing them.
Upon you hitting A and 3 on an order that is missing the approval #, flowerSoft will display the following:

tip 297-12

and then after you enter the approval #…

tip 297-13

You can leave the token # blank if you do not have one.

tip 297-14

That covers option #3

Option #4. Erase Approval & Token #
Again, this is an option you will seldom have to use, but if you do you will also need to provide a supervisor’s password.
You will need to enter a password because this option will also allow you to get a new approval on the order, if one is necessary.

Option #5. Enter a New Approval & Token # allows you to change the existing approval and token numbers.  This is seldom used also but available if you’ve made a mistake while entering the numbers on a prepaid or preapproved order.

Option #6. Get Credit Card Approval allows you to get an approval through flowerSoft for an order that has not been previously approved or one where the approval and token numbers have been erased.

Option A. Address Verification
flowerSoft will get an address verification on the customer’s or recipient’s address when this option is used.  An external program is used, so you may see some ads.

When you hit A and A, flowerSoft will display the following screen:

tip 297-15

You will then have to choose which address you want to verify.
I would guess most of the time it will be the recipient’s address but both are available for you.
Once you select an address to verify, flowerSoft will send the selected address to a free program that will do the actual verification.  There is nothing else you have to do unless you want to use some of the additional options offers but may charge you to use them.

tip 297-16

Option C. Add or Change Commissioned Agent.
If there is a commissioned agent for this order, flowerSoft will allow you to change it or add it if there isn’t one.
For those of you who do not know how or have never used the commissioned agents feature, flowerSoft allows you to pay a percentage of the product amount of the order to an outside agent or even an employee who drives business into your shop.
Most of the time, commissioned agents are employees of a hotel or a funeral home, but it can be anyone you choose.
Commissioned agents are set up from the Manager’s menu Employee Operations.

tip 297-17

However, although not recommended since they should be set up by a manager or supervisor, they can also be added on the fly from a new order by entering “C” in the “Source” field.

Option C allows you to change or add a commissioned agent’s code to an existing order you might have missed or entered the incorrect code for.

When you press A and C, flowerSoft checks to see if a commissioned agent’s code has been entered for the order.  If one has not, the following message will be displayed:

tip 297-18

and then ask you if you want to add one…

tip 297-19

If you answer “Yes” flowerSoft will provide you with the means to enter an existing agent’s code or create a new one.
The first thing you will be asked is the name of the organization, this could be a hotel, a funeral home or any other organization.
If there is no organization, you can leave that field blank.

tip 297-20

If you enter a name for the organization and flowerSoft will try to find an exact match or anything greater.  Most of the time, unless you have never used this option before, flowerSoft will find organization names equal to or greater than what you entered and will display then in a browse screen like this…

tip 297-21

Note that even though the name I entered, “The Plaza Hotel”, flowerSoft displayed all organizations with a name alphabetically greater than “The Plaza Hotel”, so when selecting from the list, make sure you are selecting the organization you mean to select.

If flowerSoft cannot find a match at all, it will display the following message…

tip 297-22

and if you answer “Yes” to the question above, flowerSoft will provide you with the means to add a new organization and commissioned agent.

tip 297-23

Please note that you can have as many different agents as you want for one organization.
You can even have the same agent for many different organizations but not with the same agent code.  Agent codes cannot be duplicated.

Option D. Change Item Code or Description

This option allows you to change the Item Description Code or the Item Description for any of the items entered without having to update the order.
However, only the item code and the description will be updated.
Even if there is a unit price associated with the item code, it will not replace the existing unit price.

tip 297-24

tip 297-25

tip 297-26

Well, that is all for the “A” options at this time.





















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