Tip #296 – How to Quickly Edit Recipient’s Info.

Tip #296
How to Quickly Edit Recipient’s Information

It has been a while since my last post and several new features have been added to flowerSoft in that period of time, so here is the first of a few new posts that will come your way in the near future.

Sometimes, after you have saved an order, a customer will call you with a change to the recipient’s address or name.  If the order was paid for with a credit card and you try to update the order, flowerSoft will make sure that you understand that all fields that can affect the total of the order are locked.
This requires you to read and answer at least 3 messages.




Most times all you need to do is make an insignificant change, such as add an apartment number, correct the spelling of the recipient’s name or add a phone number.
Changes like those should not require you to update the order and go through all the steps flowerSoft makes you go through in order to ensure you will not change fields that affect the total of the order.
So I’ve figured out that in some cases, I can keep you away from fields that will affect the order’s total amount and make it easier for you to make small changes like that.

Here is what I have done to make it easier for you to change any information about the recipient and how to go about it:

  1. Bring up the order you need to change through the “Edit or View Existing Orders” option of the Order Entry Menu and then after hitting the down arrow, or just hit “R” to access the R Options.
  2. Hit “R” again to select the “Edit Recipient Info.” option.
  3. After you hit “R”, flowerSoft will display a screen very similar to the “Deliver To” information screen.
    Note the 3 new items pointed out by the arrows.
    To save the changes you make, you hit F9.  To cancel the changes you have made, you hit F4.  The RR#: is the record number in the recipient’s database corresponding to this recipient.  That number will be used to save any changes you make to the recipient’s information, if you choose to do so.
    In addition, there is no field processing (programming) involved after you leave a field.
    So if you change the recipient’s name to that another recipient that is stored in the recipient’s database, flowerSoft will not automatically update the address, city, state, zip code and phones information to match the new recipient.
    What flowerSoft will do, after you hit F9 to save the changes, is ask you if you want to update the recipient’s record with the new information or if there was no recipient, such as on a “pick up” order, flowerSoft will add a new recipient to the database.
    For example, I am going to change the first line of the address from 501 Westwood Ave to 276 Suffolk Ave.
    Now I am going to hit F9 to save the changes.
    I will then answer Yes to the question and the changed recipient’s order information will replace existing the recipient’s record in the recipients database.
    Had I answered No, only the recipiet’s information in the order would have been changed.

    Let me know if you have ant questions.





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