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Tip #295 – Why Does the Delivery Charge Field Sometimes Gets Locked Before Getting Credit Card Approval?

Tip #295
Why Does the Delivery Charge Field Sometimes Gets Locked Before Getting Credit Card Approval?

We all know that fields that can affect the total of the order get locked after the credit card approval is obtained.  So quantity fields and fields that hold Dollar amounts will be locked after an approval is obtained.
However, one of those fields, the delivery charge field, sometimes gets locked before a credit card approval is obtained and even before a method of payment is selected.

You may ask why does flowerSoft take such an action even though the lock can be removed from the service charge field by entering a supervisor’s password.
The reason is that your delivery zones database records contain one field that can be set to determine what the delivery charge should be based on the recipient’s address.

Here is an example:
The screen shot above shows a delivery zone record for Eudora, KS.
The delivery zone is named 25R and it shows that the delivery charge should be $12.00.
flowerSoft has to assume that the delivery charge amount was set by a manager or the owner for orders being delivered to that zone.

flowerSoft should not allow an employee to change that delivery charge unless a supervisor’s password is entered.  That is the logical procedure and that is why if a specific delivery charge is indicated on a delivery zone record, flowerSoft will lock the delivery charge field.  See below:
dzone02In the example above, the delivery charge field has been locked (notice the gray shading) because the delivery zone record for the recipient’s address sets the delivery charge at $6.95.
The lock can be removed by pressing the F8 key from the service charge field and then entering the supervisor, manager or owner’s password.
However, a couple of you have complained that sometimes it is inconvenient to require a supervisor or manager to go to the terminal in question and enter the password to override the delivery charge called for in the delivery zone record.
So, in order to keep everyone happy (always our goal) I will now leave it up to the individual flower shops to determine how this will be handled.

I have added a field in the control file that will allow you to determine if a password will or will not be required to change a delivery charge field that comes from the delivery zone record.
Here is how:
From the Manager’s menu, access the System Information option and then select the Defaults option.
Navigate to page #23 and go to the area towards the bottom of the screen that is highlighted below:
and change the “Y” to an “N” in the field indicated.
What that will do is tell flowerSoft not to lock the delivery charge field even if a specific charge is indicated in the delivery zone record.
The default will be not to lock the delivery charge field, so if you want the field locked is a specific delivery charge is found in the delivery zone record make sure you enter a “Y” ion that field.
Above is the delivery field not in a locked status when either a supervisor’s password is entered or the field in the control file is set to “N”.
So now it will be left to each specific shop to determine how specific delivery charges found in delivery zone records will be handled.