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Why Some Fields Get Locked After Credit Card Approval

After a credit card approval is obtained on an order, that order cannot be changed in any way that would affect the previously approved amount.  If changes need to be made to the order that would affect the previously approved amount, such as adding a plush toy or balloons, the user must use the “Refund and Update” option.
That option refunds the previously approved amount to the customer’s credit card and then you are free to change the order in any way you want.

In order to prevent the user from making changes that will affect the order’s previously approved amount, once an approval is obtained, flowerSoft will automatically lock some of the fields so that they can no longer be changed.

These fields include the following fields:

  1. The “Account Number” and “Account Name” fields because although these field will not change the previously approved amount, they will change the account used to obtained the approval.
  2. The “quantity” field for obvious reasons.  Increasing or decreasing the quantity will affect the line item total which in turn will affect the total of the order.
  3. The “item code” field.  The reason for locking this field after approval is because you have the option of associating prices with these codes and changing a code may affect the unit price of the item and therefore the total of the order.
  4. The “unit price” of a line item.
  5. The “delivery” charge field.
  6. The “service” charge field.
  7. The “Tax Rate” field.

These fields cannot be changed after an approval is obtained and are therefore locked.  However, there may be other fields that would affect the total of the order, such as the “Deliver To” field that cannot be locked for practical reasons.  You may have to correct the spelling of the name or you may have to change the recipient’s address.
However, you could change the total of the order by entering “XX” or “TT” in the recipient’s name field.  This tells flowerSoft that the order is either being picked up at a later time or taken by the customer at the time of purchase.
When you indicate that an order has been taken or is being picked up by the customer, flowerSoft automatically removes the delivery charge if one has been entered or automatically calculated.
Since this would affect the total of the approved amount and cannot be allowed but as previously mentioned, for practical reasons the recipient’s information fields cannot be locked after an approval is obtained.
However, before you are allowed to save the order and is committed to disk, flowerSoft will check the previously approved total against the current total of the order and if they are different, flowerSoft will tell you that an illegal operation has been performed and will revert all changes made to the order after the approval was obtained.  So at least it would be a waste of time to try to change something that will affect the total of the order after an approval is obtained.
If after saving the order should you find the need to change an item code to something other that what if shown, either for inventory or record-keeping purposes,  you can bring the order up and use the S,C option to switch an item code without changing the existing unit price of the line item.

So try to be aware of what a change to an order with a credit card approval will do to the total of the order.  If it will change the order total in any way, use the “Refund and Update” option or the S > C option if all you want to do is change an item code.