Valentine’s Day Recap

I hope that everyone had a very prosperous and relatively stress-free holiday.

However, for some of you this was the most hectic Valentines as far as equipment breakdown I have ever seen.

I know of 2 users who lost use of their main printer, another lost one of his two point of sale terminals and one that lost her mind. 🙂

Exiting new features coming your way this year!

1 thought on “Valentine’s Day Recap

  1. funny you brought this email up!!  my computer which is only two years old, decided to crash on me, fortunately everything I really needed was backed up.. This happened on the Fourth of February, which our tech guy thought he had it fixed, turned out it was the cpu itself and not the harddrive, which that is gone as well, so when he called you, that was the inbetween, which is when they found out why it just would shut down without notice.  So anyway, now I am looking for a new computer, funny the Server 2003 is still computing away.  i’m sure it is laughing at me now!!  So this is what I have been going through lately, not good for Valentines Day.  BTW, not a great Valentines Day, we were down, which we think it typical since it was on a tuesday, and we have extremely nice weather for the weekend, that they prolly celebrated on the weekend.  Nxt year it will be Wednesday, hope the weather is like this then. Have a great Weekend!! L  FLOWERWORKS Meridian Park Centre Suite 126 6900 “O” Street Lincoln, NE 68510 402.325.6900 There is no better advertising than word of mouth use it freely!!


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