Tip #294 – Delivery Charge by Date Range

Tip #294
Delivery Charge by Date Range (Improved)

I’ve made an improvement to the delivery charge by date range.
After Molly tried it, she discovered that she did not want the same delivery charge for all the towns she delivered to.  Some towns needed to have a higher holiday delivery charge than others.
So here is what I came up with.
I’ve added a field to the delivery zones file to hold a special delivery charge that will only be used if the delivery charge by delivery date option is active and only if it is higher than the default delivery date charge by date range.

In other words, if you define a delivery charge of $15 to be applied to orders delivered between 02-13-17 and 02-14-17 and then you have an order going to a delivery zone where you want the delivery charge to be $20, flowerSoft will now let you enter that special delivery charge in the delivery zone record and use it accordingly.

Again, this special delivery charge will only be used if the delivery charge by delivery date option is active.

So now step 6 will look like this…



So now, even though you have your default delivery charge by delivery date set to $15


If you get an order going to delivery zone 44, flowerSoft will use the $20 charge instead of the $15 charge.  But remember, it will do this only if the zone’s special delivery charge is higher than the default charge.  In other words, if the special delivery charge for zone 44 was $12, flowerSoft would still use the $15 charge.


With the big holiday fast approaching, I was reminded of how easy is to forget about some of flowerSoft’s cool features.
I was asked by a flowerSoft user (Molly at Auburn Florist) if flowerSoft could set a special delivery charge for Valentine’s.  Without think much about it, I told her that she could add a new delivery chage to the database called Valentine”s and then her employees could select it from the list.
Luckily, she had asked me the same question last year and reminded me that it was a lot easier than that.  She told me that the delivery charge would come up automatically without anyone having to choose it from a list.
I told her to hang on for a few minutes and I would look to see if flowerSoft had something like that available and sure enough, there it was in the same menu I told her to go to to add that additional (and permanent) delivery charge.

Since Molly found this feature to be so useful and since I did not remember it or had any idea of where to find it, I figured a post on this feature was necessary.

So here it is.


In the example above, any order you deliver between the 13th and 14th of February 2017 will be charged $15.00 automatically.  This charge supersedes any other delivery charge in place for the address (such as the ones defined in delivery zones) except if and when the customer has a special delivery charge indicated for his account.
So, for example, if the customer does not get charged for deliveries then the delivery charge for his or her order will be $ 0.00 no matter when delivered.

Also, this special delivery charge takes place only if the order is a local order.
It does not apply to outgoing or incoming orders.

So how do you set this feature up?
Fairly easily, just follow the steps below in order.


That is all there is to it.
Just remember that if a delivery charge by delivery date is in place, the delivery charge on local orders cannot be changed.  You will not be able to access the delivery charge field.
Only if the customer has a special delivery charge defined, such as no charge for deliveries or some other special charge, will the delivery charge be something different.


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