Tip #293 – Avoiding Duplicate Credit Card Charges

Tip #293
Avoiding Duplicate Credit Card Charges

flowerSoft will ask you several time prior to getting the credit card approval, if the customer is ready to pay for the order or if he or she might have some additions or subtractions from the items ordered.


Once you get an approval on a credit card sale, you cannot change the order in anyway that will affect the total approved.

It does not matter if you have saved the order or not.  Once an approval is obtained, that is what the customer’s credit card will be charged unless, after being saved, the order amount is refunded and then the order can be updated and a new amount, along with a new approval can be obtained.

If you try to change the order amount after an approval has been obtained, flowerSoft will respond with:


and erase all changes you’ve made to the order and put you back at the beginning.

However, despite all these precautions, some of you still manage to change the order amount and get a new approval.  I have not yet been able to duplicate this but I have no doubt it is somehow being accomplished.

So, what I have done now to avoid the problem is not only leave all those other precautions in place but I have added a new one that should make it impossible to change the order amount after an approval has been obtained.

What I have done is lock the user out of all the fields that might affect the total of the order.


This means that after an approval is obtained you will not be able to access the following fields:

  • The line item quantity field
  • The line item description code
  • The line item unit price
  • The delivery charge field
  • The service charge field
  • The Tax? field and the Tax Rate field   and
  • You will no longer be able to apply (or remove) a discount from the order.

Hopefully this new feature will not break some other flowerSoft functionality.
It hasn’t in my tests but it has not been proven under fire yet.

I will install it in a couple of my test sites tomorrow and hopefully by the middle of the week I will know if it creates any unforeseen problems.

I know this is a somewhat drastic measure to take but I am sure most of you do not want to hear customers complain that you’ve charged their credit card twice.

So, if your system gets updated after today, you will have this new feature next week.


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