Tip #291 – “Mailing List” Customers

Tip #291
“Mailing List” Customer

This is a feature that flowerSoft has had for over 20 years and yet, I have very rarely written anything about it.  Maybe because it is not used very often by most flowerSoft customers or so I thought.

However, recently I had a complaint from one customer about how long it took her to enter names obtained from a bridal show into flowerSoft.  She thought that having to go through all the fields that flowerSoft requires you to go through was a bit too much when all she wanted to do was enter the future bride’s name and addresses.

That made me realize that probably very few of you know how to enter a “mailing list” customer into flowerSoft and I am to blame for this.  There is very little documentation about this feature, so I hope this post will put an end to that.

Many years ago, flower shops used to subscribe to mailing lists that provided them with the names of potential new customers in their area.  I don’t know if that takes place anymore but it probably still does.
They used these list to send the potential customers to introduce themselves and their services and to entice them to become regular customers with special discounts and offers.

Even then, the also needed a way to enter these names into flowerSoft quickly, without the need to respond to all the questions flowerSoft required of new accounts.
Hence the birth of the “mailing list” account.

The “mailing list” account will let you keep the name and address of a potential customer in flowerSoft but will not allow you to sell to them (at least through flowerSoft) unless you first change their account from “mailing list” to something else.  So there is no risk of you selling something to a customer you have not extended credit to.

So, how do you enter a “mailing list” customer?
Just like you enter any other account into flowerSoft except that you cannot go past the phone number fields without indicating to flowerSoft that this is a “mailing list” account.

Then, how do you tell flowerSoft that what you are entering is a “mailing list” account?

There was only one way to do this in the past and that was by entering 10 9’s as the phone number.  flowerSoft would then assume you were entering a “mailing list” customer and act accordingly.

I have now introduced a new option that allows you to hit F4 before existing the phone number fields that will allow you to save the record even if you only have a name.

Here is how…


After you enter the customer’s name, you will begin to see the F4 prompt at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


Pressing the F4 key will cause flowerSoft to ask if you are entering a “mailing list” client.


If you answer ‘yes’, flowerSoft will assign an account number of 9999999999.000 to the record and mark it as a mailing list customer type and cash only account.
All mailing list clients will have an account number of 9999999999.000, no matter how many you enter.  This allows you to have an unlimited number of mailing list client.
It also allows you to keep a couple of reference phone numbers for the customer.
The down side is that you can only retrieve those accounts by name.

Remember that you cannot go past the Cell/Fax No. field because at that point flowerSoft will assign an account number to the customer based on the phone number(s) entered.
Once that happens, you cannot have a mailing list account type.


If you try to sell to a mailing list customer, flowerSoft will respond with…


So, if you do want to sell to that customer you are going to have to change the account type from mailing list to something else.
If you answer ‘yes’ to the question above, flowerSoft will put you into the add new client information screen, with the data found in the mailing list customer record already populated into the appropriate fields.


If you do not finish entering the “mailing list” customer as a regular customer, flowerSoft will not delete the “mailing list” customer record.
If you do complete the add new customer operation, flowerSoft will delete the mailing list customer record.







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