It is Official, We Are #1 !!!

As of November 14th 2016, flowerSoft Silver 2017 has been certified compatible with Cayan’s Genius Customer Engagement Platform V# and, will be provided to all our support program customers in good standing free of charge upon request.


We understand that flowerSoft is the first florist POS system to currently offer this EMV capability to its customers,  free of charge, at it has been our tradition for almost 30 years.

So what does this new feature mean to you?
It means that you now have the ability (if you have or get a Genius device from Cayan) to be to do all the things stated in the latter above, like sell and accept branded gift cards, promotional discounts, line item display through the Genius and most important for the majority of you is the ability to accept the new chip cards.

You will probably get an email from Cayan informing you of  our certification but I wanted it to post it here first to make sure you do not miss it.

This was not an easy project to complete.
We have worked on it for a significant amount of time and I want to acknowledge the invaluable contribution of Jeff Bandle to the successful completion of this project.

As you may or may not know, Jeff also played a very important role in flowerSoft’s ability to provide you with  an interface to send and receive orders with FSN.

Hopefully, Jeff will also be involved in other new flowerSoft features we are either planning or currently working on.

Thank you Jeff.

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