Tip #290 – New A/R Feature

Tip #290
New A/R feature

How many times have you started taking an ON ACCOUNT payment and realized that you have the wrong account?
The only thing you could have done up to now, was to exit the A/R payments program and re-start it.
Well, with the 2017 version you will have the option of hitting the F10 key and clearing the payment on the screen and entering and entering a new one without having to exit the A/R payments program.


Let’s say you start entering a payment on account and after entering part of the payment, flowerSoft comes back with…


So now you realize that you entered the wrong account name or number.
Up to this point you would have had to hit the Esc key, exit the program and start over.

Now you can just hit the F10 key and have flowerSoft clear the screen and all you’ve entered and put you back at the account name field.  See below…


flowerSoft will first ask you to confirm your keystroke and then…


it will clear the screen and let you start over.

I want to credit Brenda Barnett of Yazels Flowers for being responsible for this improvement by asking for this feature no one else had asked for before in over 25 years.

Thank you Brenda, I am sure all flowerSoft user will also want to thank you.

That is how flowerSoft gets to be better than all other programs, by listening to our users and providing the features they ask for immediately and not “maybe in the next release” like others do.

I also want to thank all flowerSoft users that provide me with new ideas on how to make flowerSoft better each day.






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