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Cayan Site is Down

It seems that Cayan’s site is down, so if you cannot get credit card approvals that is the reason.

Write down the credit card numbers and then get approval when their site comes back up.


As per Cayan:

Cayan’s services are up and running, however, there is a massive DNS outage in the entire east coast. Our ticketing system is also affected by this outage. Unfortunately, there is not much that Cayan can do about this issue. This website lists all the services that are being affected by this outage:

 The DNS provider is also providing status updates on the following page:

However, I’ve been calls from shops in California and the mid-west that are also having problems.




Tip #289 – A New Way to Spell-Check the Enclosure Card

Tip #289
A New Way to Spell-Check the Enclosure Card

I must admit, one of the things I have never been happy with is the way flowerSoft implements spell-checking of the enclosure card message.
It happened in the middle of the order-taking process and although incorrectly spelled words were flagged, there were no suggestions as to what the correct spelling of the word should be.

So I have made a few changes to this part of the program and although I am still not thrilled about the way it works, I think it is a marked improvement over the way it was.

First of all, now you have the option of spell-checking the enclosure card either when you get to the “Occasion” field or at the end of the order just before printing the combo or enclosure card form.



Also, as you will have more choices, flowerSoft will no longer automatically spell-check the enclosure cards. You will need to press the F9 key in order to get the spell-checking process started.

Once you do hit the F9 key, flowerSoft will start comparing all the words in your enclosure card against the words in its database.  If it does not find a match,  it will display it and offer you the choices that are available to you.


Another new improvement is that flowerSoft will now assume that if you do not enter a correction for the misspelled word, that you want to skip it. It will not force you to hit “I” to ignore the word.

The biggest changes are that flowerSoft will now allow you to go out to the web and get either spelling suggestions by hitting “S”


or you can look up the definition of a word by hitting “O” to access an online dictionary.


This of course if preferably done once the customer is off the phone and before the enclosure card form is printed.

Once a correction is made to a misspelled word, flowerSoft will continue checking the balance of the enclosure card and displaying any other misspelled words for you to correct.


Once all the corrections to the card are made, flowerSoft will return you to the field where you press the F9 key from.




I hope you find these changes an improvement over the previous spell checking program.