What is New in flowerSoft 2017?

There are many new features, as well as bug fixes, in flowerSoft 2017.
It would be very difficult to enumerate them all, but I will try to show the most important wants in this and future posts.

Perhaps the most important and anticipated feature of flowerSoft 2017 is the ability to accept the new credit cards with EMV chip technology.
These cards offer an enhanced security against counterfeiting or cloning.

flowerSoft 2017 is probably the only florist software currently offering (free of charge to flowerSoft 2016 customers in good standing) a version capable of accepting these new cards.
The only requirement is that you clear your credit cards through Cayan and have a Genius device  attached to your POS terminal.

Let me show you how it works…

The first thing we have to do is tell flowerSoft that you are using a Genius at your POS terminal.  This is done via the shortcut on the POS terminal’s desktop that starts flowerSoft.
If you edit that shortcut, you will find a setting that is probably reading “set Genius=0” at the present time.  That setting must be changed to “set Genius=1” once you have a Genius device.  There are also other settings that need to be changed, like the IP address for the Genius. We will tell you how to get that information after you get the Genius.

One of the features of Genius devices that support chip technology is the ability to display the items you are selling on its screen.  I should mention at this point that the Genius device and its features obviously will only work on “walk-in” sales.  So, when you first go into a flowerSoft order and you enter “W” as the source, you will notice a little blurb that reads LID=Y.  This means that the line item display features is set to be on.
If you were to look at the Genius device now, you would see that its screen has changed from its “stand by” state as shown above to this…
As we keep entering the order, the Genius screen will remain as shown above until we add the first line item.
The Genius will then jump into action, flashing its blue arrows and blue card dipping slot,  something like this…
It will continue flashing its blue lights as we keep entering items.
Your customer will have the option of dipping his or her card at any point while the blue lights are flashing.  Cards without a chip can be swiped.
Once you finish entering the items sold, the Genius display should look something like this…
Which should be the same as what is shown on your flowerSoft screen…

If your customer has not swiped or dipped his or her credit card, now is the time to do it…
Notice that the card is inserted into the slot with the chip end first.

Once you tell flowerSoft to continue and get the approval…
if the transaction is approved, you should get an approval number in flowerSoft.
and the Genius display should show a prompt asking your customer to remove the card from the slot.
after which the Genius will return to its standby state until you are ready to enter another order.

One thing to understand is that because of the new security measures, getting an approval may take  a second or two longer than before, but removing your fraud liability is worth the extra couple of seconds wait.

Any questions or comments welcomed.






2 thoughts on “What is New in flowerSoft 2017?

  1. George, I assume we get the Genius from Cayan or are they available elsewhere? Any idea what they are charging for it?


    1. You get from Cayan.
      I am pretty sure is a rental, but they reduce some other charge so it does not cost so much.
      You can ask Marc, he has 2 of them.


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