Daily Archives: July 14, 2016

flowerSoft 2017 Stats

The 2017 version of flowerSoft has a total of 39,646 files held in 1,047 different folders.  Of these files 9,065 are programs (all bug-free of course. 🙂 )  and a lot of them are no longer used but still there.

There are also:

  • 648 data files (they mostly hold your data, but also tax table, zip code tables, etc.)
  • 1,726 automatic indexes (to make your data easily accessible)
  • 6,626 output formats (about 50% of them are reports, the other 50% are processes that do not need to be printed, like finance charge calculations.)
  • 3,520 data entry forms (screens)
  • 1,028 selection sets (to facilitate searches done without the use of an index.)
  • 1,170 menu choices (no wonder you cannot find that report you printed last year)
  • flowerSoft’s setup.exe takes 47 minutes and 22 seconds to compile (create)
  • The setup.exe file (with no data) is 283,974 KB or 277.32 MB or 0.27 GB
  • When installed (no data), flowerSoft will take up 1.57 GB of space in your hard drive.

In the late 1980’s, because his data was filling up his 40MB drive, one of the first flowerSoft customers got one of the first 1GB hard drives available for purchase by the general public.  I remember telling him that he would never, ever need another hard drive.
That was it, he could not possibly fill a drive of that size.

So today, that same drive could not even suffice to install the current version of flowerSoft or any flowerSoft version since probably the 1998 version, let alone hold a few years worth of data.  Shows you how much I know. 🙂

I have some customers that can access customer data dating back to the 1990’s and that is only possible because of today’s huge hard drives.

I bought my first computer in the early 80’s from Sears.
It was an Atari 800 and it did not even have a hard drive.  Programs and data were stored in a cassette drive, just like the music cassettes.
I then purchased a TRS80 from Radio Shack and that had 2 diskette drives and a small hard drive and started to write the flowerSoft programs.

If the hard drive size available in 1985 had been anywhere near as what they are today, I probably would have written flowerSoft differently mainly to make it easier on myself.
But that is water under the bridge.  I am not about to start re-writing it now.