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Tip #284 – Comparing Holiday Sales

Tip #284 – Comparing Holiday Sales

Usually after a holiday, you want to see if you did better (or worse) this year than last year and want some report that lets you know.

To get this report in flowerSoft, go to the Manager’s menu and select the Reports option. From there, go to the Financial/Business Reports option and then select Q – Comparison Reports. Fro the Comparison Reports menu, select the Holiday Sales Comparison option.

When flowerSoft asks you if you want to print the existing comparison report, the answer would be no if this is the first time you are doing it. flowerSoft will then ask you for a set of dates for 2 different periods. For example, to compare last Mother’s Day sales to this Mother’s Day sales you would enter something like:

Holiday Sales 01

Of course you can select any range of dates you want, but try to make sure you have the same number of days in each period so that the comparison will be accurate.

When flowerSoft finishes calculating the figures, it will ask you if you want to print in “landscape” mode. Printing in “landscape” mode usually requires more pages but you get more information in the report.

Holiday Sales 02 Holiday Sales 03

Please note that this report only includes orders that have a HOLIDAY occasion. If you are not careful about entering the correct occasion on your orders, this report may not give you a true figure.