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Tip #284 – Comparing Holiday Sales

Tip #284 – Comparing Holiday Sales

Usually after a holiday, you want to see if you did better (or worse) this year than last year and want some report that lets you know.

To get this report in flowerSoft, go to the Manager’s menu and select the Reports option. From there, go to the Financial/Business Reports option and then select Q – Comparison Reports. Fro the Comparison Reports menu, select the Holiday Sales Comparison option.

When flowerSoft asks you if you want to print the existing comparison report, the answer would be no if this is the first time you are doing it. flowerSoft will then ask you for a set of dates for 2 different periods. For example, to compare last Mother’s Day sales to this Mother’s Day sales you would enter something like:

Holiday Sales 01

Of course you can select any range of dates you want, but try to make sure you have the same number of days in each period so that the comparison will be accurate.

When flowerSoft finishes calculating the figures, it will ask you if you want to print in “landscape” mode. Printing in “landscape” mode usually requires more pages but you get more information in the report.

Holiday Sales 02 Holiday Sales 03

Please note that this report only includes orders that have a HOLIDAY occasion. If you are not careful about entering the correct occasion on your orders, this report may not give you a true figure.


If while trying to authorize a new credit card you get an unexpected error message, check the customer’s zip code.  It is probably incorrect and is generating an error from the program.  The Cayan web page will not display for you to enter the credit card number.  Happened to a shop twice yesterday.

Correcting the customer’s zip code resolves the problem.

Tip #283 – Default Delivery Date and Sentriment

Tip #283
Default Delivery Date and Sentiment

In our endless quest to make order entry more efficient, I have added a new feature to flowerSoft 2016 which may not prove to be very useful for this holiday since most of you do not have it yet.

From the Manager’s menu > System Information > Defaults, flowerSoft will now allow you to set a default delivery date for a holiday (or any day) and a sentiment associated with that date. For example, you could set the default delivery date for next Valentine’s Day as 02/13/2017 (or 02/14/2017 if you prefer) and a sentiment of “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY”.

In the defaults settings (page 1) you will now see 3 new fields. If you leave the default delivery date blank, the feature will be disabled. If the default delivery date is earlier that today’s date, the feature will also be disabled.


In the “Default Delivery Date” field you will enter the date you want displayed for delivery and the sentiment code associated with that date.

For illustration purposes, I set up my default delivery date as 05/08/2016 and my default sentiment code as HMD for Happy Mother’s Day.
You may want to set your default delivery date to the day before the actual holiday which in this case would have been 05/07/2016 had you wanted to encourage early deliveries.

So now the default settings for the default delivery date are set.


Upon first entering the first line of the enclosure card, flowerSoft will take a look at the defaults record and see if you have defined a default delivery date. If you have, if will automatically supply the delivery date and the sentiment code associated with that date, if there is one.
The reason flowerSoft only supplies the code is in case if you do not need that sentiment for a specific order, it will be easier to erase or type another sentiment code. Once you hit <Enter> past the sentiment code, the sentiment wording and its associated occasion will be displayed.

When you enter the delivery date field, the “default” date will be already displayed. However, you can easily increase (+) or decrease (-) the delivery date by pressing the plus or minus keys.
All other features associated with the delivery date remain active, so you can still use the first 2 letters of the delivery day or bring up the calendar by pressing F9.


Once this new feature is implemented in your system, the delivery date will no longer be blank when you first enter it.
It will either have the default delivery date, if there is one defined for a date greater than today’s date or it will show today’s date if no default delivery date is defined.
You can increase or decrease the delivery day by pressing the plus or minus keys.
So if you find it easier to hit the plus key 4 times to get to next Tuesday instead of typing TU, you can now do that.
If you accidentally hit the plus key too many times and go past your desired delivery date, you can then hit the minus key to go back one day at a time.

Even though you may not have this new feature yet, you can still define a default sentiment code and then you may enter it by just typing a period from the first line of the card message.
The advantage of using sentiment codes is that they have an occasion associated with them so all your Valentine and Mother’s Day orders will have the HOLIDAY occasion and will be included when you do your occasion reminders next year.

As usual, if you can think of any improvements that can be made to this feature please let me know.