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Tip #282 – How to Reconcile Your Teleflora Incoming and Outgoing Orders

Tip #282
How to Reconcile Your Teleflora Incoming and Outgoing Orders

flowerSoft gives you several ways to reconcile your incoming and outgoing orders from Teleflora.

#1 – Reconciling Using the Combined Report

#2 – Reconciling From a Disk, CD or File

This method is probably the easiest.
flowerSoft will print a report showing the exceptions.
In other words, orders that do not match from what is shown in the file and what flowerSoft sees in your system.


#3 – Printing a Report of Incoming Orders Filled

You can then compare the report to the incoming orders Teleflora claims you filled.

#4 – Printing a Combined Report

This report prints both incoming orders filled and outgoing orders you gave out.

You can compare this report against Teleflora’s combined report.