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Tip #280 – How to Compare This Year’s Holiday Sales to Last Year’s

Tip #280
How to Compare This Year’s Holiday Sales to Last Year’s

From the Manager’s menu go to Reports and then to Financial/Business Reports.

From there, follow these steps…

Always answer “No” to the question above unless you want to re-print a comparision you have already done.

Enter the dates you want to compare.

This report automatically excludes outgoing orders but it should at least give the option. I will fix that asap.

As the screen above tells you, landscape mode provices more information.

As you can tell, I had a horrible week. As a matter of fact, it could not have been any worse.

Hope yours was much better. J

How Was Your Valentine’s Week?

Valentine’s Week is over and most of you are wondering how you did when compared to last year and if other flower shops saw the same results you experienced.

Here is your chance to read about how others fared this holiday and to let us all know what your experience was.  Did you do better that expected, the same or worse than last year.

This is a new type of post called “chat” so I assume you will be able to post your comments for others to see and read what others have to say.