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Tip #279 – How to Create a Scheduled Task on Windows 7 & 8

Tip #279
How to Create a Scheduled Task on Windows 7 & 8

Locate the task scheduler program…

When the program opens up, click on “Create a Task”

The following screen will open up…

Give the task a name, like Dove Plus Sentinel for example…


Now click on the “Triggers” tab and when the next screen opens up, click on “New…” button.

The following screen will then open up…

Click on the “Daily” radio button and check the “Repeat task every:” box…

No change the setting on the “Repeat task every:” field to “Every 5 minutes” or any other period of time you want.

Also click on the “Stop task if it runs longer than:” and change the setting to”30 minutes”

Now click “OK” and you are done with the “Triggers” portion of the task.

Now click on the “Actions” tab and on the “New…” button.

This next screen will open up and if you do not know the exact location of the program you want to run, click on the “Browse…” button.

If it is a flowerSoft program you want to run, navigate to the FSROOT folder and locate the program you want to run.

For example, to run the Dove Plus Sentinel program locate a file called dpdovesentinel.bat.

then click on the “Open” button. Now the “New Action” screen will look something like this…

Click on “OK”

Now you will be back on the “Create Task” screen and it will look similar to this…

Click on the “OK” button and you are done.

Click on the “OK” button and your task is ready to run.

If you want to test your newly created task, locate your new task in the “Task Scheduler Library” and select “Run”

If the task completes successfully, you will see the message “The operation completed successfully (0x0)”

If you do not see the message, you might have to click on “Refresh”.

If you see a number other than 0x0, the operation was not successful.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Road Trip

Road Trip

Leaving tomorrow for sunny Miami Beach and leaving the 3 feet of snow behind!

I will be available via cell phone but will not have access to a computer and internet till after February 2nd or 3rd.

So do not get into any trouble for the next week or so. 🙂


For “How do I do this…” questions before then, you can reach out to Cris Bandle of Owens Flowers or Lambros B. of Allendale Flowers.  They are both flowerSoft experts that know more about how to get things done than I do.

Will post pictures from Miami Beach soon!