Tip #277 – The Quick Access Key “P”

Tip #277
The Quick Access Key “P”

Quick Access keys provide you with a quick way to access different programs from the New Orders menu.
They save you a lot of navigating time between the different menus and having to remember where the option you want is located.
If you are not using the Quick Access keys, you should start using them.
I will try to highlight some of the most useful Quick Access keys is future posts/

Let’s start with the “P” Quick Access key.

As I mentioned before, all Quick Access keys are accessed from the New Orders menu because that is where flowerSoft is “parked” most of the time.
For a list of all the Quick Access keys available, press the F10 key from the New Orders screen…

You don’t have to hit the F10 key to bring up the list if you know which Quick Access key you want, you can enter it directly at the “Enter Selection” prompt.

Entering “P” at this time will bring up the following options…

If you are at the New Orders menu and you have a customer come in and wanting to pay the outstanding account balance, you don’t have to get out of this menu, go into accounts receivable, select the new payment option and enter the payment.
All you have to do is hit “P” and “1” and flowerSoft will take you there.

Option 2 will let you look at the payments received for any account.

Option #3 lets you look at any un-resolved problem orders.

Option #4 lets you look at any promotional items you have set for today.
To learn more about promotional items read Tip #139 – Promoting Overstocked Items or click here now: https://flowersoftsilver.com/2013/07/06/tip-138/

Future posts will deal with more useful Quick Access keys available to you.



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