Tip #276 – The “Newbie” Mode

Tip #276
The “Newbie” Mode

I don’t think this is a highly publicized feature in flowerSoft but there is a “newbie” mode designed especially for those new to flowerSoft.

The “newbie” mode can be accessed by pressing the order map key (F3) and then hitting “N” for “New User Mode”

The “newbie” mode will provide additional instructions on what flowerSoft expects from the user at each field.
This mode can be turned on and off on each individual workstation, so if you have a new hire or a user that you feel needs help with flowerSoft, you can turn on this mode at the station they are working on only.
You can turn the “newbie” option off the same way you turned it on, by pressing the F3 key and then the letter “N”.

Here are some examples of the detailed instructions the “newbie” mode will proovide…

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