Tip #275 – An Easier Way to Pay Outstanding Orders

Tip #275
An Easier Way to Pay Outstanding Orders

The only orders that should show an outstanding balance are orders with either a ON ACCOUNT, COURTESY, COD or PAY ON P/UP methods of payment.

ON ACCOUNT orders must always be paid through the A/R module, no exceptions.
The COD and COURTESY methods of payment are rarely used but the PAY ON P/UP method of payment is paid quite frequently.

flowerSoft will not allow you to change the method of payment of a “cash” order something else if that method of payment is either COD, COURTESY or PAY ON P/UP.

There are a couple of reasons why flowerSoft doesn’t let you do this but one is that flowerSoft keeps track of orders with those 3 methods of payments and gives you warnings throughout the day that there are still outstanding.
If flowerSoft was to allow you to change the method of payment on those orders, you would no longer have the need to pay them using the correct program for paying those outstanding invoices.

One of the things that this specialized program does is delete the reference of the invoice from the outstanding orders file.
If the reference is not deleted, then the warning about the invoice being outstanding will keep coming up and that can get quite annoying.

So flowerSoft required you to go outside the New Orders menu and use the COD/POP menu option…

and then select the option to pay outstanding cash orders.

This was a bit of an inconvenience when a customer came to pick up and pay orders with a PAY ON P/UP method of payment.
A lot of times it took a bit of time to find the customer’s invoice and pay it off.

So to help remedy this situation, flowerSoft will now allow you (from the New Orders menu) to search for up the outstanding “cash” invoices and pay them off on the spot.
This should prove to be quite more convenient than the older (still available) method of going outside the New Orders menu to locate and pay off the outstanding “cash” orders.

“How Do You Do This?” you ask. Here is how…

From the New Orders menu:

At the “Enter Selection >” prompt, hit “J” to look for pay on pick up orders only, that are supposed to be picked up today.
Think of “J” for “Just today’s pickups” although it will also show pickups for dates after today’s date.
If you have any “pay on pick up” orders for today, you should get a screen similar to the one shown below.

If you have more than one “pay on pick up” order for today, like what happens during a prom night, highlight the correct order and hit the ($) Dollar sign.
The following screen will display after you enter your initials…

Now just select the method of payment being used to pay off the order and you are done.

Please notice that you will no longer be able to pay just a portion of the invoice, as you will not be able to get to the “Outstanding Balance” field.
The entire outstanding balance will have to be paid.

There is also another key that allows you to pay outstanding cash invoices and that is the “!” exclamation mark key.
The difference between the J and the ! is that the exclamation mark will show you all outstanding cash invoices, not just today’s.
However, they both take you to the same special program that needs to be used to pay outstanding cash orders with a COD, COURTESY or PAY ON P/UP method of payment.





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